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I did not see another thread, so I thought I would start one for fellow students to chat and get support. Anyone else taking A&P I this spring?... Read More

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    Quote from professionalgirl80
    I got a 92% on my 1st A&P lecture exam today..YES!!
    AWESOME!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

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    Thank you!!
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    That's awesome!!! Congratulations!
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    Quote from meeep
    That's awesome!!! Congratulations!
    Thank you!!
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    What would be best way to study for the HESI for the LVN program?
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    Hi, I was wondering if you still had the pdf available for the McGraw's TEAS book? I saw an old post. thanks!
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    I have a copy of the PDF.
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    Quote from meeep
    I have a copy of the PDF.
    Yea I remember reading about that. Would you mind forwarding it to me Meeep? I'd really appreciate it as I'm planning to take the Teas V in late summer. Serenaty@gmail.com
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    Sure thing!
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    My class must be moving slow. We are just now covering metabolism. My class is extremely tired of cellular and chemistry info. They want to jump right into the good stuff. It's killing the class gpa for sure. What chapters are you on? I've seen skin and bones so far.

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