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  1. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    hey stay humble - thanks and congrats to you! awesome job!
  2. A & P final grades are in, what's urs

    101% in lecture. 105% in lab. 2 weeks off then A&P II. Congrats to everyone!
  3. Summer A&P II check in

    noticed that - someone bumped it, but on the tablet, didn't notice the date right away. lol...
  4. Summer A&P II check in

    a&p I lecture final on monday. i start a&p II on may 26 - it's a 10 wk term.
  5. A&P I Spring 2013

    meep - i'm taking a&p II this summer. i was so excited to see that it was the same instructor as this semester. so happy to have a three wk. break first, though.
  6. A&P I Spring 2013

    hi! just dropping in for a sec. congrats to everyone who posted grades! good luck to everyone studying for finals! took our lab final this past Monday. lecture final this coming Monday. have a great week!
  7. A&P I Spring 2013

    hi all! haven't been around much. taking a&p 1 right now. still have 105% overall, but its rough with work and my english class. taking a&p 2 over the summer and micro in the fall. congrats to everyone who has posted grades!
  8. Have I RUINED my chances at Nursing? :(

    talk to someone in counseling. they may be able to give you options for medical withdrawal. hope that helps!
  9. A&P I Spring 2013

    hi! this is my second semester of prereqs. last semester, i took psych and a required freshman seminar. this semester, a&p I and english comp. we just got our first test back - 106/100. congrats to everyone that already posted their scores! ha...