A&P 1 &2 in the summer. Am I crazy? - page 3

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Hey everyone. I am 25, have a 2 year old daughter and due to a loss of job yet again I am trying to get into nursing school for Fall 2014. That leaves me the summer, Fall & spring semesters to complete my pre-reqs. I will not... Read More

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    Actually ive been looking into another school and I would have 5 pre-reqs: English, Math, Bio, Psych & A&P 1. I would however have to take all of them during the 2 summer sessions in order to get into the January 2014 nursing program.
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    I would suggest spreading them out. Is there other pre req that you need? Such as general psychology? It may be a better option to take say, a & p 1 and psych over the summer then in the fall take a & p 2 and sociology or something. You will be extremely exhausted and possibly miss you child a lot over the summer if you cram that much into it.
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    I'm thinking of taking A&P 1 over the summer too. I don't have any kids though. I'd say go for it if you're good at managing your time. Best of luck.