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I just got a 69 on my latest microbiology exam. It's the worst grade I have recieved since being at college this year. I have three exams left and a lecture GPA of about a 78 at the moment. Ugh, I need to kick my ass into gear... Read More

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    I know how you feel. I did not do well on my first exam in microbio. But I knew I had to kick it up a knotch in my studying. It's not fun, but that's what you have to do. Don't feel bad about it. The fact that you can still take a couple more tests is a good thing!

    I ended up with a B in micro bio and a C in my statistics prereq. But hey, it was still meeting the requirement for the schools I applied to and what do you know, I recently got accepted into an accelerated bsn program. You'll be okay, just study a bit more for the next tests and try the your best.

    Best of luck in your studies!! You can do it !
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    Quote from Chelsea13
    Don't stress. I got a 69 on one of my lab exams and a 75 on my last lecture exam. I just didn't study, no other excuse. I'm just having to kick ass the rest of the semster.
    Shame on you Chelsea, I expect better from you young lady! No more slackin
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    I meant to quote my A&P professor, "1 test grade will not make you fail the course". Meaning if you continue to get poor grades then you will fail, but if you have one crappy test that's okay. Just do better on the other tests. Good luck.
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    I should probably note.....after all of my freaking out....I pulled an A in microbiology.
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    Amazing. Great job

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