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    Hello everyone-
    This is my first post, but I am curious....When I finish nursing school (if I even get in) I will be 62 years old. Is there anyone out there in the same situation? I am currently struggling through Physiology, and am not sure I can get the required B, but I don't have a lot of time to waste taking it again. Do you find learning is harder because you are older?
    This is my final dream, to become a nurse. Done everything else I have ever wanted to achieve, but this just might be not possible.
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    have you thought about LPN or CNA?! it's still towards the nursing field but not as competitive..at 20 I'm truly struggling!! Things are just so competitive now its ridiculous. Best of luck to you!!
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    I saw an episode of "Trauma: Life in the ER" which featured a 53 year old third year resident. He'd been a cop before that, retired early and started Med School in his forties. I guess he got his MD when he was fifty or so...

    I was so inspired...
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    Consider changing your course of action to LPN. Physiology may not, (most likely won't), be a prerequisite to LPN school. When you finish LPN school and become an LPN, you will be a nurse. The LPN license may make it easier to get into RN school via an LPN to RN transition program. You will have become a nurse and will have bought more time to get it together in physiology.
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    I dont mean to be negative or a downer, but do you worry about your age and looking for work as a new nurse?

    I have relatives in their very early 50's not in the medical field, but have felt that their age was starting to become an issue while looking for work. This is with an established background, education and experience.

    I would like to work until as long as I can and hope its not true. It seems like all job markets are saturated and I dont see the economy improving at all in the next several years.
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    Age really isn't an issue anymore. Health programs have students of all ages. If you want to be a nurse, then go for it!
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    Just to add; a friend of mine's mother just finished nursing school, and she was 58 when she started. She's now working and loving every minute!
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    Anatomy & Physiology is difficult at any age. don't get discouraged...I hope you stick with it. I think it's great you're going for your dreams. good luck and stay positive.
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    I am 50 and I have finished all my pre-reqs and still say to myself, can I do this, DO NOT be discouraged by your age. You actually inspired me, by going back to school a little older than me. WOW, that is so cool.

    If it is your passion go for it.

    When we get older, I have found out, I realized, my life journey is really MINE. Like I said before, if it is truly your passion let no one stand in your way. It is hard, A&P I and A&P II Kicked my### Micro was crazy hard, but I found it really interesting, I am kind of a pathogen nerd, so that is that.

    I had to take A&P I lab twice because of my fear of doing a practical test, but you know what, the first time my grade for the semester was D when I took it again I recieved a A. You can do it. You may have to lay the bone pictures around the house and hang up origins and insertions on your bathroom mirror and freak out family, but you can do it!

    I really am not allnurses. com savvy about how to add you to my friends list but I would love to support you in your journey. So if anyone out there can tell me how to add you to a private friend I would love it.

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    Click on the plus sign inside the green circle icon next to the name of people you would like to add as friends. When the other person accepts the offer, then you will see them on your list of friends.
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