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Hey Guys, So, I applied for Howard Community College's Fall 2010 evening/weekend program and assumed I would be waitlisted but secretly hoped and hoped I would get in. I ended up being waitlisted, but was given a number of 7.... Read More

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    Any news if you got in?

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    Quote from Itsaroad
    Any news if you got in?

    Still nothing!! I've called and I only get the answering machine. I also sent an e-mail and they said they replied and told me they did not have any new information but that they would be hoping to contact students if any seats open up by the end of this week. So, hopefully I will get a call soon! Thanks for checking! It is soo hard not to get excited but I am hanging in there!
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    I'm sure you'll get in! There are always last minute drop outs of any program due to financial issues (kind of mean, I guess, but it's true). I'm sure you'll get in! *sends good vibes*
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    I would go in -- but I am naughty.

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