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    I am taking my NLN Exam in January and I would like someone to advise me which book is the best to prepare myself. I could not fine anything good online. Thank you.....

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    Here is a link to the review book that I used to prepare for the NLN. It gives a review of math, reading/English, and science, and provides lots of practice questions and practice tests. I can highly recommend this book. I worked with it almost every day for several months to prepare!
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    I second that - I bought it right after I registered for my first pre-recs and it is great. I have taken all the practice tests and think I'm ready.
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    Yes, the book the second poster posted, that is the one you need to get for the NLN test. It is the closest thing to the actual test and really, I've noticed most of the other books give you information that you really don't need for this particular test. So, get that and even if you think you don't need to read the instructions, read it anyway, and then read it again...:spin:

    If you get this, it will be the best one to prepare you for the big test!!!

    If you have any other questions...let me know!!! At this point, I am the NLN Test-taking pro!!!
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    Thanks! I have thoroughly studied the NLN prep book, but then I looked at Learning Express' Pre-entrance prep and was shocked at the different types of questions on it. I hope the actual exam is like the NLN book. Lizard3
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    is this nln test the same thing as the net test?
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    I am taking the nln at the end of Feb. I have the suggested review book and am glad to hear that others have had success with it. I'll be happy when this test is over, any other tips for this particular test would help!! Thanks
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    Quote from java mama
    is this nln test the same thing as the net test?
    no. the nln and net are actually quite different. the nln has way more science on it, including physics.

    the best prep for the nln is the mcdonald book on amazon.

    the best prep for the net is the net/hobet study guide available at amazon or

    i actually used the older edition:

    good luck!
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    I took the NLN last Monday and although I felt the McDonald NLN prep book prepared me well for the verbal and math--the science questions were much tougher than the ones in the book and I am afraid I did not do well. What is worse is that I left puzzled as to how to better prepare next time. I felt that I would have to take a full chem and physics course to do well. Next time-I will only study the science portion.
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    I have a question regarding the book in the link: (the link to the book that others have given and recommended). I should be taking the NLN in March of this year, but that book was published in 2003 which could be obsolete. Does anyone know if there is a newer edition, or is the 2nd ed. from 2003 sufficient? Thanks.

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