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  1. hey all, I'm scheduled to take the NLN for the program at my school. I had it scheduled for Nov. 8, which was supposed to be today actually. But I ended up rescheduling it because of personal reasons which ended up with me not being able to study as much as I would have liked. So now, my exam is on Nov. 18th. It gives me a little more time to study. I've mostly been doing the math pracitice quizes because that's the part I'm worried about. I keep getting 18-25 questions right, out of 40. It's not what I want to see and it's starting to get to me with the exam creeping up slowly. And I haven't really bothered with the vocab because there's just so many words that can be on it and you don't really know which ones to study. I did a secience section and got 35 out of 60 right (without reading the intro). Am I doing ok or no? I feel like I'm getting a lot of questions wrong. Should I be doing something else to improve my scores? oh, and also, I haven't been timing myself for math part, I just want to see if I actually know how to do the math, before I time myself, because then I'll get nervous when I get stuck on a problem. but yeah...suggestions are welcomed, please!
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  3. by   PedsHopeful
    Which book are you using? If you are using the Offical NLN book, do the math sections over and over. Do the problems, answer them, review the answers. It really just about memorizing the processes and remembering them. Math is by far my worst subject so its the section I put the most work into followed by science. I just practiced the questions over and over and over, especially the ones I kept getting wrong.

    Most people run out of time on the math in the exam, even if you know all of it, sometimes you just cant multiply and divide fast enough. Memorize your geometry formulas. I made flashcards for them, and memorized them quickly that way. Memorize all your key terms for each science section. There have been alot of posts bout this, if you do a search for NLN exam on here, you will turn up a ton of stuff. Read it, it really helped me.
  4. by   sbem10
    thank you so much for the reply! I really appreciate you taking your time. I'm using the official NLN book, the red one. I have been searching and reading up about the NLN on here and it's been helpful and I think I can do well if I had more time to study. I'm going full time this semester, my son is a year and a half and he's a handful, and so are the classes, so I'm trying to squeeze in some hours of studying in between. lol son, classes, and NLN are all very important so I'm trying to manage all three. I've mostly been practicing the math portion because I can't do math well without a calculator haha it's a sad thing to admit :/ I have to go over my science as well. I'm taking physics, chem, and prob and stats now and I thought the physics would help me with the exam but I think it all depends on the professors and how they teach the subject. The chem. class should hopefully help me through the exam. I'll try to memorize the geometry formulas! someone told me that the formulas were given but that seemed too good to be true. And will definitely go through the terms for science.

    thank you againnnn!
  5. by   PedsHopeful
    The physics on the exam is really basic stuff. I havent taken a physics class yet and did well on the science section just studying the book. I ran out of time on the math portion and ended up guessing on about 10 of them. Best advice is go through and do all the ones you know immediately without having to think, the simple calculations then go back and do the harder ones. But practice the math questions over and over in the book because its dead on to whats on the actual exam. Lots of fractions, decimals, percentages, a few geometry and algebra. Im terrible at math too, so just keep doing the practice tests, and you will do fine.
  6. by   sbem10
    Hey, thanks for the reply! I have done all 4 quizes for the math part, and one of each on vocab and science. I have a little more than a week for the exam and hope that I can finish every quiz in the book. I want to go over the math section because that's the one I'm most worried about. I will do just what you said. Great advice, thank you so much for sharing!
  7. by   kayak133
    I took this exam, and in my opinion, it is the hardest test I ever took. HESI was not too bad. I took HESI off the cuff. Please be aware of the entrance requirements for your own school.
  8. by   Sasha Be
    I think the questions are very similar to the ones from McDonald`s book. I answered these questions over and over again until I could get all of them correct (both math and science). It took me around 10 days to prepare and still I did not feel confident at all. But surprisingly I did very well on the exam (99% in math and 98% in science). You can rock this test if you take this book seriously. Good luck!
  9. by   winterlights08
    I just took this exam a few weeks ago and only had about a week to study. I had to relearn basic math without a calculator, but did the practice problems over and over. When you review for the math section, definitely time yourself. That seems to be the section everyone runs out of time on. When you take the exam you can flag the questions you're stuck on. I flagged several and when I went back to them at the end they made more sense . My math background is pretty sparse but I ended up doing better on the math than on the science. There were a lot of physics questions and even though I studied the review book, those were the questions I simply had no idea how to answer. The vocabulary and reading comprehension--you either know it or you don't. I didn't spend much time reviewing for that section, and besides some strange words, it wasn't very difficult. Overall I scored in the 97% which totally shocked me. Good luck to you!
  10. by   KiarraLove

    Funny that you say your taking your NLN Rn entrance test on Nov. 18th, I take my entrance test the 19th. Im totally stressed out, I was already in a nursing program took their entrance test didnt pass it and they took me in any way because they were money hungry. I missed the ending average score by 1.5 points!!! I would of been graduating next month Ahhh it still bothers me and that was 7-8 months ago. I feel like im completely restarting. I really havent been studying much for this test. I am an awful test taker but im trying not to freak out. I have already taken the HESI and the TEAS V, they were rough for me. My school requires a 50% or better. What does your school require??? I did purchase the NLN Entrance study guide book, but havent kept up with it, how is your studying going??? What are you doing to prepare since you have such a busy world! I work for a hospital so my schedules are allwaaayyyyss changing!
  11. by   sbem10
    Thank you all for replying! It's in 2 days now! I met someone who is taking it on the 18th as well and he said to me today, "2 more days, I'm nervous" so once I heard that, I was freaked out a little, "oh my god! don't say it like that! now I'm nervous!!" lol but I just want to get it over with.

    Winterlights08, thank you! I need all the luck I can get! I'm horrible at math, and english, like you said, you either know it or you don't. But I hope I recognize some words. I've been doing the science sections recently and I'm doing pretty good in those. Math, I just have to keep doing more problems. My husband timed me today but then I had to keep pausing it because my son would come to me and distract me. But I finished 60 verbal in an hour, and 40 math in less than an hour. And the clock is still paused on my phone for the science! You did really good on your exam! I'm jealouuuus! haha

    KiarraLove, I've been doing the quizzes from the book for the most part. I'm very busy and my other classes require studying too so I'm juggling those too on top of trying to study for this exam. 2 more days!!!! *getting nervous* lol so I found some people that have taken it already, grades so far that I know of are 141, 129, 123, 114, 109, and a less than 100. I believe it's about the same percentile for my school too. My school is very competitive though. A LOT of students apply to this program and 100 get accepted. I hope that I'm one of them but I guess we'll find out....soon enough. My son wants me to play with his all the time, at least whenever I'm around him (when he's not in daycare). I feel bad that because I love playing with him! but I can't do that as much anymore. I'm so sorry to hear about thaaatt! that must be hard to deal with, 1.5 points...I'm not quite sure what I would do if that was me, I know I would be really ****** off >.<
  12. by   KiarraLove
    Yea I know, my job is so demanding I work every day and my hours are crazy and when I come home I dont want to even look at studying. Ive had enough "medical" for the day. Yea 1.5 points!!! I was in an excel 14month RN program we started off with 35 girls by the end of the first semester 11 girls failed out, there is a class graduating in December only 7 girls! I live in Pennsylvania (Langhorne) so its kind of hard picking a school, a good school ya know? Where are you applying to? Now have you completed all of your pre-req classes??? Im honeslty going to take the test, try and be stress free, and whatever the outcome ill either be happy or disapointed. I meet every requirement for the school that im applying to its just the test. And a lot of people apply! So hopefully I do something right hehe, Im sure your gonna do great! I cant believe its only two days away. GOOD LUCK! We'll have to update each other.

  13. by   sbem10
    Hey Kiarralove, how did you do on your NLN that you took on Nov. 18?? Please share your scored because I'm not too confident with mine after meeting with a nursing advisor. I will also tell you mine.
  14. by   KiarraLove
    hey girl I have no idea how I did I won't get the results they said for 1 to 3 weeks after the test It was a little hard somethings I know something didn't, how did you do??? I'm sure you did just fine !!!! let me know ....