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  1. Does this mean I passed?

  2. I passed my NCLEX! Book Review here :)

    Thank you so much for your tips and congratulations on your license BigBrownPotato! As per your review I used LaCharity and Saunders and passed the test with 75 questions. I also completed Kaplan anywhere (Q trainers and 80% of the Q bank). Thanks ...
  3. Does this mean I passed?

    Thank you Christinaxxcheer! Good luck to you and have a GREAT day tomorrow!
  4. Does this mean I passed?

    Thank you so much ctran! I wish you luck! It looks like this trick works...
  5. Does this mean I passed?

    I just checked the CTS website and it says that I passed. I am so so happy and relieved...
  6. Does this mean I passed?

    I took the test on Monday too and finished with 75 questions. I got a good pop up ("Our records indicate..."). Good luck to you!!! Hopefully we will know the results tomorrow.
  7. NLN entrance exam

    I think the questions are very similar to the ones from McDonald`s book. I answered these questions over and over again until I could get all of them correct (both math and science). It took me around 10 days to prepare and still I did not feel confi...
  8. Taking Micro, Phsyio, and speech together?

    I took micro, A&PI and medical terminology together. It was fine except that I got A B in micro. Micro and anatomy both require a lot of memorization that is why I would take them separately.
  9. We got into the CLC Nursing what

    Hi Flockyman, I felt very disappointed at myself after this exam too. But it turned out I did okey (Composite 97%). I would wait for the results on your place... I believe you would be surprised how well you did. I answered only 50 out of 60 science...