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  1. Okay so I have been trying to get pre reqs done for my RN for the last 3 years now. I had a daughter in the middle of it so it kinda put a hold on things. I have been an STNA (CNA) for 3 years now. Currently I am working full time at a home health agency that is paying me decent money and I make my own hours, I have a 4 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, and I live with my boyfriend who doesn't do any housework so that is all me. I switched from a 4 year school to a 2 year school after I had my youngest daughter because it was cheaper and had a better RN program. At the end of this year (end of fall semester) I will have all of my pre requisties finished for my RN, but here is the catch. There is a two year wait to get into the program. At first I thought no big deal because I will be eligable for the waitlist at the end of summer. I figured starting Spring of 2014 I could take my pre reqs for my BSN. Then I realized I have a whole year of NOTHING to do. So my question for you is should I take that year and get my LPN so that I can get some nursing experience under my belt and on my resume. I thought about getting into another nursing program but this one is the best around here, and it is so cheap that my grant covers all of my expenses. Any advice?
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  3. by   future_nurse215
    I think that getting your LPN would be a great option with such a long wait ahead. Some programs which goes by point systems give extra points to LPNs, CNAs, EMTs, etc. I say go for it!! Good luck
  4. by   lauraline
    Is it guaranteed that after the 2 year wait you will get a spot in the program?

    If so, I probably would just wait. LPN programs can be expensive (in my area at least). You could take the free time to spend with the kids since once you start nursing school you will likely have much less time. That's what I would do anyway.

    But if its NOT guaranteed I would go for the LPN.

    By the way, tell your boyfriend to help with some housework!
  5. by   WorkingMama2011
    The LPN program I was looking at is partners with the school I go to. After financial aid and another program called WIA I would only have to take out 4000 in loans. It would let me take one class in the place of two and it may help me get in sooner (its a fast track for LPN). The spot is an estimate. I just didn't know if working as an LPN would look good on my resume when I went to apply for a job as an RN. Also, I would make more money while I was in school, if I could find a job (which is another concern). I was going to see if the job I have now hires LPN's or just RN's. Thanks for the opinions! It really helps getting advice from people in the field.
  6. by   MommaTy
    If the LPN has no wait list I say get that while you are waiting then you can do the RN program after that Good luck.
  7. by   Fireman767
    Im actually against the LPN idea. It sounds like a waste of time and money. If your getting into a program for RN, they may change things since you would be an LPN starting it. Id take the financial route and say work to save up money and make the RN program more affordable without loans. You have the CNA, you wont make much more with an LPN, and would be doing close to the same stuff as an LPN vs a CNA (i know theres a few differences, but to get a license for a year, probably not too many). If the RN program says you will get in sooner it makes sense to do it. I would clarify with the school to be sure.

    If i were in your position, I would work as a CNA a decent amount (full time) and save up the money. Maybe get some of the text books and start reading ahead. Once you start the RN program your social life will decrease, time with your family will be tough because there is a lot of studying to do. Really enjoy the next 2 years, because the years your in the RN program will be filled with studying and clinicals.
  8. by   haiimdenise
    I would say continue working as a CNA. By the time you finish your LPN program, there won't be much time to find a job as one before going to the nursing program. Squishing everything in a year won't be good. Plus if you're worried about expenses I think taking a year to focus on making money would make you less stressed about it later on!