Need help, what classes should I take

  1. Ok, so I'm still trying to get into nursing school but I'm running out of ideas for classes to take. I've already taken anatomy and physiology, microbiology, nutrition, math, psychology, and many other classes. My problem is I still have to schedule my classes for next semester and I have no idea what I should take to help me out for nursing school. Any ideas?
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  3. by   ser2011
    You could look at different programs and do the requirements for them also... like: Chemistry, Biology, Developmental Psychology...

    When I didn't have any more courses to take, but still had to wait for the deadline for nursing school I just took a lot of Psychology courses...that way I had a minor!
  4. by   kbm318
    I guess I should have mentioned all the classes I have taken. It would probably be a lot easier. Well I've had 2 chem classes and 2 bio classes because it's part of my school's pre req list. I've also had normal psych as well as developmental psych. So I'm kind of stuck, I can take another psych class but that would only be one class because all the upper psych classes require more pre-reqs which I don't have.
  5. by   ser2011
    Is it for a BS program? Then I would just take the psychology courses you need to get into the upper level psychology courses. Otherwise I really don't know what to tell you!

    Good luck!
  6. by   itsmejuli
    Have you talked to an academic adviser at your college? If you're going to work towards a BSN then you should take applicable classes.
  7. by   denaa
    Why not take a second language? It might make you more marketable.....I live in Arizona and am taking Spanish.
  8. by   aleighc1
    Do you have a nursing advisor you can talk to? They will be able to give you the best advice. Also, look at what the nursing schools in your area require.

    What about sociology or speech/communications? I agree that a second language class is also a great idea.
  9. by   ck29_2000
    It'll depend on the program you want into. Some require chem, developmental pysc, nutrition, human growth and development, a history class, stats the list could go on and on. Heck one program I looked into required an art or photography class as a prereq.
  10. by   kbm318
    @ denaaa - I've thought about taking another language and it interested me but the only classes they offer at my school next semester are the 2nd year language classes so I wouldn't be able to get into them until next fall. So unfortunately taking another language next semester is out of the question.

    @aleighc1 - I actually don't have a nursing advisor yet, because I'm still pre-nursing I have a normal school advisor. And I have tried talking to her but all she wants me to do is try and change my major and go into occupational therapy. So I don't really like talking to her that much I never seem to get anything accomplished. And as far as sociology and speech, I already have those classes as well, my advisor my freshman year swore up and down they were required but they weren't. So now I just have them as extras.

    @ck29 2000- thanks, yea I've taken all the pre-req classes they require you to get in, heck I've even taken the classes that I'm allowed to take that the students don't normally take until they get into nursing school. And wow at the art prereq I've never heard of that one before its kind of funny.

    I'm still going through the list of classes my school offers for next semester and I've only really found one class that might even help me once I'm in the program. It's a medical terminology class, does anyone know if this class would help me at all or is it just a waste of time? It's only 1 credit so I still have a bunch more classes to find.
  11. by   coffeeaftermidnight
    Understanding World Religions is an extra I'm taking as I feel as nurses we will touch the lives of many people with many different belief systems. Often we are there during times when they feel they need their faith the most. I thought it would be nice to have a basis of understanding so I'm taking that course currently.

    Business management classes also wouldn't hurt, should you have the desire to move into a form of administration.