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  1. ck29_2000

    Not sure which math....

    stats hasn't been that bad (about half way through the quarter), it's just a way to lie and validate it with numbers. Lots of easy repetitive calcs especially if you have the fancy calculator that does it for you.(as recommended by the instructor) I wouldn't sweat it, much easier than College Algebra and I was gonna clep that class (sat through it b/c if you clep they give you a C so not competitive)
  2. ck29_2000

    How many of you are the only income for your household ?

    Weird about your husbands physical. The hubs is a trucker and I swear they'd do anything to pass some of those guys. I'd steer your hubs into a different career. Mine is driving truck because he has the lap dog of trucker routes (10 hr day makes 60k a year), but if it was over the road you better believe he'd be back in school or back farming. That's a big part of the reason I'm going to school now, while his job is good, we've got another 5 years guaranteed and then it's up in the air (gotta love contracts) so we're planning now for him making a career change sometime in the semi near future.
  3. ck29_2000

    Told I won't get in to nursing school

    Have you thought about retaking some classes to raise your GPA, what about an ADN program? You could always get a bachelors degree in a different field and hope that those classes would raise your GPA enough to get in as a second degree student, but I think they look at your science GPA too, so that would put you back at square one. I'd probably retake a couple of your lowest classes if I were you.
  4. on the testing out note, make sure that it will transfer in pass/fail not a grade. the cc program around here transfers clep and all test outs in as a c, virtually knocking you out of competition.
  5. ck29_2000

    Teacher Trouble

    I found the exam to be fairly easy so I don't know if the reduced time will inhibit you that way. That said NE requires a certain number of hours for a program to be accepted by the state, and I would be worried about not meeting that threshold.
  6. I took bio 1010 hybrid fall quarter. Basically I did all the "work" at home and went in to lab 5 times over the course of the semester. It worked ok, the prof was a flake though so I signed up for chem 1010 in class rather than risk another prof who won't respond to email. That and I neeeeeeeed a good grade on the chem, and don't feel like I can risk it.
  7. ck29_2000

    Advice for additional training

    Have you considered a foreign language?
  8. ck29_2000

    Which pre-reqs to take first?

    Jumping in late and haven't read the replies, sorry if I'm just repeating previous advice. The first thing you'll need to do is take the basic science pre-reqs for your pre-reqs. I had to take a general bio class before I could entertain the idea of enrolling in a&p or other advanced classes. I had to take a placement test to get into the general bio class, so you may have some classes that won't count for the nursing pre-reqs but are necessary to get into the needed classes. Then I divided up the other pre-reqs (arts based which comes very easily for me) and paired them with the science based (which takes a tad bit more effort). This way I keep my fulltime status without feeling like I'm drowning. Fall quarter I took intro to bio, intermediate algebra, current social problems and human relations skills. Winter I'm taking Chem, stats, intro to soc and Spanish for med personnel 1. It's a nice balance of needed credits that don't take a lot of effort, with needed's that will like chem and stats.
  9. ck29_2000


    I volunteer ER. It was fairly easy to get started, physical, drug test, orientation. I'm volunteering so that I have experience as I'm full time in school and a stay at home mom during the day so I don't have time to work. This gets me into the environment and gives me the "health care" experience needed for most apps. It also gives me a reference for after I graduate.
  10. ck29_2000

    A & P classes are FULL already!??

    It's the same way here 60+ credit hrs. get to register first, about 4-5 days later all other previously enrolled students register, and about 1.5 weeks later all new enrollment's register.
  11. ck29_2000

    A & P classes are FULL already!??

    a&p fills super quick, like insanely quick! See if you can get on the wait list, a ton of people drop around here, and if you're ok with starting the class late and catching up, lots of people drop w/i the first week after getting the syllabus and realizing it's gonna be a ton of work. Are there any other colleges around you, I know the more expensive colleges around here sometimes have room when the community college is always full.
  12. ck29_2000

    Volunteering at ER

    Not much. Where I'm volunteering we change beds/clean rooms. Call people back if it's packed and take them to the proper room. Transport to ct/xray/etc. Any misc. tasks. Pretty uneventful.
  13. ck29_2000

    Any Nebraska CNA Students or CNAs on here?

    The class was easy I wouldn't stress about it at all. Um tips, don't forget the shoes when ambulating a patient . It's kind of awkward when you're using a dummy.
  14. ck29_2000

    Any Nebraska CNA Students or CNAs on here?

    I was put on the registry recently (as NE doesn't "certify" anymore ) I took my class at Clarkson in Omaha. I'm not working, looking at going into a program jan 2011
  15. ck29_2000

    Help me to prepare to enter the nursing school!

    I tried to follow but all the course numbers got me. So open an excel document make a couple columns, first write out what you have grouped by area (math with math science with science) then in the next column make a list of what school a requires, matching up like with like, so if they require a&p 2 and you don't have it, make a new row, enter a&p2 under column 2 and there will be a blank space in column 1 (what you have). After you have done this with all the schools you're looking at you'll know what you should add on and what will cover. Most of the schools around here will admit with a couple of classes yet to take before entry (must be done prior) but competition is fierce and it knocks you down to the bottom of the list, so it'd be better to have them all done.
  16. ck29_2000

    Jobs for new grads?

    The rumblings have been that they're holding the jobs until mid/end September waiting for the budget to finalize. I've been stalking careerlink to see if they've been posted, but no such luck. I have seen a trickling of the upper management stuff, but none of the other positions.