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Need help filling out form

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I am going to be a nursing student and I had to get my physical form filled out by my doctor. He missed one section and the school wants me to just have him fill it out real quick. I am not driving all the way back to the doctors because Ive made several unneccessary trips over there and I am kind of fed up with him. Anyways, I have 20/20 vision and he checked off that my vision is within normal limits.

    I am just wondering what do I need to write under the following:

    Vision: Far: OS:_____ OD:____ OU:____
    Vision: Near: OS:_____ OD:____ OU:____

    Thank you!
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    So you're basically asking us how you can forge the document? Why don't you just fax it back to him for completion and have him fax it to your school. I know this is a pain in the behind, but if you complete this document (rather than having a doctor complete it) you really are forging the document and I'm assuming this will make you vulnerable for expulsion from your program. Do the right thing and get it signed off properly.
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    ^^^^What they said.
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    You need to write the exact measurements of your vision that your doctor found. Don't think you're going to be able to make that up.
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    fax it to his office and one of the techs can look on the chart then fill in the blanks and fax it back
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    None of us can tell you how to fill that form out because we didn't perform a physical examination on you. Filling this form out yourself would be fraudulent.