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So I just took the Hesi A2 today. And, frankly I am happy that it wasn't as difficult as I perceived it to be. I didn't buy the guide, but I did find some free ones on the internet that gave a... Read More

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    Hey I know this post is months old but could u please send me th study guide for the hesi??? My email is
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    Help with the HESI entrance exam
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    Quote from benard
    Help with the HESI entrance exam
    What do you mean? What type of help were you looking for?
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    I also would love to see the study guide for the Hesi, If you still have it and would not mind! I am new to this site and took the hesi last semester to only find out that they have now included grammer, vocabulary and A&P. I have a high level of anxiety, a kid with the flu and only a week to study! I have heard that the vocabulary and A&P is not worth studying in the hesi booklet. I only get one shot, one exam per application period! I honestly took (at that time math and reading) it last semester so I could just apply this semester!!
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    I've taken the Hesi before, and your descriptions are spot on! I chuckled at the description of the grammar section bc I did the same "what sounds right?" method. lol. Although I passed the Hesi, I have to re-take it for another school because the 2 schools I am applying to require different sections of the Hesi. I have to do the re-take bc of the Biology section. Hope I do well!
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    can u please send me the two study guides, thanks.
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    Could you email me the 2 study guides you have as well, I am preparing for the test and am trying to over study LOL.
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    Congratulations and good luck . I have to take the hesi a2 in march. I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me your study guides.
    Thank you sincerely.
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    Hi Floridatrail2006, if its not too late, could I get copies of your study guides emailed to me please?!!
    Thanks!! Hope you are enjoying your nursing career!!

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