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maaaannnnnn mann it just me or does it seem like we got a long road ahead of us?? shout out to my sister who just graduated nursing school and already landed a job. I, however, am still... Read More

  1. by   GodsSon128
    im also taking 3 classes this summer. no science though! i save science classes for spring or fall semesters but i will be forced to take microbiology next summer. pray for me and im praying for u all as well
  2. by   mrsecookie
    Totally will!!!
  3. by   Tricia76
    I have just Sociology (online) this summer and for fall I have Anatomy, Chemistry, and English II
  4. by   SopranoKris
    I hear ya! I've got 4 classes this summer & 6 this fall and then I can apply in January and will (hopefully!) start next fall. Registration is tomorrow...can't wait to get signed up for my classes. I just want to get these pre-reqs done and start focusing on nursing school
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  5. by   GodsSon128
    i got american government, speech, and nutrition this summer, and then anatomy and chem in the fall. i can apply after this summer tho, but do people typically get accepted before they are done with all the pre-reqs??
  6. by   jocy_anne
    I was accepted into my school with 2 outstanding prereqs - Chem II & Microbiology. I just had to sign a prereq credit agreement form to say that I guarantee I will finish these 2 classes before September 5, 2012 (first day of nursing school!), and my acceptance can be rescinded if I don't complete or fail either of these classes. Every school is different, though, so you should probably check with the admissions department.
  7. by   Jc1982
    I've been pondering the same issue lol!
  8. by   desireepeach
    i knowww it takes forever...i wish i was done already
  9. by   Hoosier69
    i just want the remaining semesters to go well academically! i will be practicing my math and algebra this summer. i find to be the most beneficial website for me to learn. it's nice that a person can watch a video 1,000 times (may be exaggerating there! lol) in order to grasp a concept, although the day would be gone before we know it!
  10. by   Tricia76
    I suck at math..and I am in college algebra :uhoh21:
  11. by   Boxer Mama
    I could have written this post. I have three kids, so right now I can only take one night class at a time. I just registered for my summer semester (A&P II), so it is my fourth semester since starting pre-reqs. Finding Nemo's Dori saying, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming," goes through my mind when I feel this way. I will have one more class after this summer and can apply for the 2-year waiting list after that. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is something I have wanted for a long time and I am blessed enough to be able to finally do it. The glass needs to be half full! Good luck with your summer classes!
  12. by   lrkonietzko
    Quote from GodsSon128
    maaaannnnnn mann it just me or does it seem like we got a long road ahead of us?? shout out to my sister who just graduated nursing school and already landed a job. I, however, am still working on pre-reqs, got like 6 or 7 left after this spring semester, and then the real fun begins!! lol. anyways im just ranting and rambling but to all my fellow students out there, keep up the good work, dont get lazy, and keep your eyes on your goals!! much love
    I love this forum! I also am able to only take one class at a time and it seems like it will never end! This summer I am taking Algebra for the second time because my grade was not very good But I am determined to have a decent GPA so that one day I will be able to read that wonderful letter saying ACCEPTED!!!! I also go to this forum when I need a boost! Stick with it, we're all in this together!!!!