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minimum gpa for nursing school?

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    Every school has a different requirement. Contact the school you are interested in applying to, and they will tell you the minimum GPA and the cut-off GPA (huge difference between the two).
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    Usually the lowest GPA to apply is between 2.5-3.0. Although that doesn't matter as much as the average GPA accepted. If the school goes solely by GPA, I've heard as high as 3.9. If it's a lottery, well, then just cross your fingers. It would be best to ask someone in admissions, they'll be honest about how competitive it is.
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    the schools i applied to were all min 3.0. but average accepted gpa last year was 3.5-4.0
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    All the schools I applied for were asking your minimum be 2.8-3.0 but they actually accept people starting at a 3.2.
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    My school is a "minimum" of a 2.8, average acceptance is a 3.7, and we were told by the director that they've never seen anyone with less than a 3.3 get admitted.
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    The majority of programs I have looked at require a 3.0, with emphasis on AP/Chem/Micro. They do state that even without a 3.0 you can apply, as they consider other aspects of your application. But I imagine that you'd have to be pretty extraordinary with <3.0.
    I have seen a few community college programs with a 2.5 lower limit, but you had to have a 3.0 in your sciences.
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    I heard grades for nursing school are different? An A for example is between 100-93% and a B is 92-85%. Or something along those lines.
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    Different ns have different grading policies. Mine has A and B pretty much standard. But a C is 76 to 79.99999 and any thing below 76 is failing. No rounding. So if you have a 75.9. You fail.