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  1. Hi All,

    I am new here, so I apologize in advance if I am being repetitive. I am sure this question has been asked before, but I've combed the forums for answers, but couldn't find a profile with someone similar to myself.

    I graduated from a university in California in 2011 with a 2.7 GPA. I am not a bad student, and have no excuses other than bad time management. I have since retaken classes at extension and have done fairly well (though not the greatest this past quarter, as I have been assigned more shifts at my full time job as a surgical technician).

    I have volunteer experience as well as work experience. I have good references and I am taking the GRE in June.

    My goal is to eventually become a CRNA, and I'm currently looking into ABSN programs, but a lot of them require a minimum of 3.0.

    Roughly, from your experience, what are my chances? Should I be considering other options?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!
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  3. by   Fireman767
    Many schools look for improving grades, so if you had a 2.7 gpa before, you should be earning above a 3.3 now to show you became a better student. Many ABSN programs list a 3.0 cum. gpa to apply, but thats just to be competitive. If you question an adviser on the average accepted students grade, your more than likely going to hear a 3,5-3.7 average, low generally around 3.3 or so. Those schools are very competitive. As for the CRNA, most of those programs are even more competitive, and nursing school isn't easy.

    I myself had a 2.8 cumulative gpa after my first 2 BS, I did an ADN route and am taking BSN classes at the same time, so ill have an ADN and a BSN. Sadly after pulling my grades up to a 3.1 i was still seen as non competitive in many programs, with thousands of hours as an EMT.

    There are also BSN programs for second degree students. takes 2 years to complete, not nearly as competitive as an ABSN, but there more expensive. Just another option.
  4. by   MommaTy
    I would see what courses you can take to up your GPA Good luck
  5. by   kayleebug91
    My school's GPA requirement is a 2.7 cummulative and you need to maintain a 2.5 while in the program and you cannot earn any grade less than a C. It seems like that is too low of GPA for nursing school to require, but we have one of the best programs in the region. I attend a private Catholic school. So try looking into a private school their GPAs tend to be lower. Also there is less of a chance of being put on a waitlist .
  6. by   gnvant
    May I ask what school you go to?
  7. by   RLtinker
    Honestly, you will just have to do the leg work. Every school has different admission requirements and a GPA minimum is a typical one. They have to weed out applicants some how. When I did my first bout of college, my grades where not that high due to personal reasons. Luckily, I found a school that uses a point system for admissions. Essentially the points are based off the grades you received in four particular classes and the TEAS. They then rank us by points, the top 60 get into the asn program and the next 60 get in lpn program and the rest will just have to try again following semester. I will be finishing up the last part of my lpn in May, take my nclex then bridge to asn (6 extra classes).
  8. by   deliverator
    Nursing is my 2nd career. My GPA in my undergraduate program was like a 2.8. I tried getting into accelerated programs, but they said that because I did not have a 3.0, I would not be considered.

    So I applied to an ADN program, graduating in Dec '08. Didn't land a full time RN position until Oct. '09 at the hospital I did my preceptorship at (the DON told me she would have hired me immediately after graduation if I had just walked in and talked to her). Started a 15 month accelerated RN-BSN online program and had my BSN by June '12.

    Nursing school is the first time that I ever did very well academically. I graduated with a 3.7 GPA from both my ADN and BSN program. When you really want it, you do well at it. I really wanted to be a nurse. Even though 75 was passing, I knew that if I wanted to be competative for a graduate or CRNA program, I couldn't settle for anything less than an A.
  9. by   shammie
    i think as long as u have a 2.8 and higher u can get into private colleges/schools. lots of private schools take 2.8's and up.
  10. by   kayleebug91
    Sorry I took so long to reply. I go to Mount Marty in South Dakota.
  11. by   brittaney_marie
    Hi, I am brand new here as well! I am basically in the same exact boat as you are. I have been trying to get into a nursing program since I started community college in 09 to take my pre-reqs. Little did I know how extremely competitive the nursing programs are. Boy was I in for some real shots to the self-esteem lol. I did not get accepted into my community colleges nursing program THREE times with a 3.8 overall GPA and very good grades in the pre-requisites. I have taken basically all my pre-reqs and scored fairly well. Although I did get an F in Chemistry 2 semesters ago! I adopted Biology as my major in a four year school after receiving my Associates degree, I did not want to stop school! and chem is required for the bio major, and I now know as well as for some nursing programs :/ .. I plan on re-taking it. I had a lot of personal issues going on that semester, and I had to take a leave of absence after that. I know I can pass it! I had gotten an 80 in Chemistry in high school, so it is doable! As of right now my GPA is a 2.85. (that F brought me WAY down) I am a Psychology major now, (since it was my minor, I switched) I now have 2 semesters left in my bachelors, my goal was to get my bachelors and apply to a variety of accelerated programs! As well as keep applying as a transfer student until I get accepted SOMEWHERE. I am also taking the GRE this summer in July, and I am also a CNA and have worked in a nursing home, so hopefully that can help when I'm applying elsewhere! I just want to get accepted somewhere!!!! The key is not to get discouraged. Best of luck! Hope you get in somewhere soon
  12. by   Kvedaa
    Brittaney_marie is right just dont get discouraged. I was in the same boat my GPA was a 2.9 after my associates degree and I went back a retook a bunch of classes pulled mostly A's and a few B's and got my BS Sociology but I still wasnt competitive for the ABSN program I applied to with my 3.51. I also applied to the traditional BSN program at the same school where my prerequisite GPA (which is 3.91) was considered instead of my accumulative (which was the 3.51) and I was accepted. Each school and each program is different. It took me 6 years from when I decided to pursue nursing to start the program and it will take 9 to actually become a RN-BSN.