Looking to find CNA classes for weekend possibly??

  1. Hi all! I'm new. My name's Kate and I'm from Boston. I'm very interested in becoming a nurse and before so I'd like to become a CNA. I know I can go through the American Red Cross, but the thing is, I work M-F 8:30AM-5PM and I (literally!) cannot afford to miss even a day to goto class. I can only manage to take one course at my school (I'm going towards a psych associates for now, then nursing, hopefully combining both in the long run)

    Is there anything I can do for a weekend type of class? I've called nursing homes and they're going to get back to me with any info and I've searched the internet pretty good but it seems it's all just college recruiters/informational things coming in the mail or something.

    Anyone have any general info about you working full time and training for this OR just taking college courses?

    Any help is VERY appreciated as I want to get this thing going!!

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  3. by   thenameismac
    Have you tried Community Colleges in your area? I also work the same hours and I got my CNA/GNA in one semester. Class was 6-930 Tues and Thurs and the clinicals were on the weekend. I live in the Baltimore area. I never missed work except for the ceremony which was optional. Hopefully you find something soon.
  4. by   vintagemother
    I'm not in your state, but in my state, I was able to find a CNA class offered with either a weekend schedule, an evening schedule or a FT Days less than 30 days schedule. I found it by getting a referral to it from a friend. It pays to shop around and to network with others nurses and aspiring nurses. HTH!
  5. by   SoCalCrystal
    I took mine through Red Cross and they had it on the weekend. It took three months though.