Late Bloomer here. Am I too late?

  1. Hi. I am a 37 yr old Male. I am going through a career change after having been in another industry for 10+ years. I have been interested in becoming an RN for some time now and have been trolling this website for a while and have found it very informative and useful. So, thanks for that. Here's my issue. While I do have some schooling done, I am lacking my sciences as well as a couple other classes to get into a nursing program at Riverside Community College in California. First, I am concerned about my age. I am also concerned about my gender being an issue in getting hired post-schooling. Are either of these valid concerns or am I worried about nothing. Last, but definitely not least, at this point, due to the competition getting into a nursing program at the local Community college nursing programs, would I be better off going somewhere like CNI that will charge me an arm and a leg? Hopefully I don't sound like I'm rambling too much. I appreciate your opinions.
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  3. by   Kimynurse
    I started my journey at 38 no college at all
    At 40 became a LPN, I'll be a RN at 44
    Not too late.
  4. by   Elkay
    Don't worry about your age seriously half of the students in my A&P class were 35-50 years old and they do just fine...if not better than the younger college students.
    I actually believe that male nurses are highly liked since they are more rare.
    Don't know much about private schools don't really think they are worth it. If you have solid grades and healthcare experiences you shouldn't be worried about getting accepted somewhere.
  5. by   SDgirl2013
    Coming from someone in her late 30's I can appreciate your concern I am just now going through the rigorous demands of the nursing process and with children it is no easy task. But look at it this way, time is going to go by no matter what so just do it. In the long run you will be glad you did.

    With that in mind, just know that if you have to work full time to support yourself, this process is very time consuming and can be stressful at the same time. My school suggests that you should only work 8 hours a week once your accepted in the nursing program. Some people can pull off working part or even full time and I say kudos to you, there is no way I could.

    Because of my age I have gone the accelerated, private, cost me an 'arm and a leg' route just to get it done. I would say your gender will have no affect on you being hired or not but that's a question to ask those that have more experience in the field.

    Good luck with whatever you decide but of all things, don't let your age hold you back
  6. by   hodgieRN
    It's never too late.

    Your gender has nothing to with job opportunities. Your competence and attitude is the only thing that can be judged.

    Don't let anything stop you from achieving your goals!
  7. by   vettechtoRN
    36 right here . Science classes expire after 7 years here so I have to take some again anyway. My other classes transferred though like english comp 1 and 2, my humanities elective and some others. You will be fine. I also have a 1 year old so I am taking it one day at a time. I also have to take bio and chem just to pass the hesi exam.
  8. by   HeatherMax
    36 here, we can do it! Plenty of time left, shoot in this economy, everyone will have to work till the day they die anyway, I figure I have at least 40 years!
  9. by   CT Pixie
    Started LPN school a month before turning 38 graduated a few months after turning 39 (and licensed at 39 also, always said I'd be a nurse by the time I was 40! Mission accomplished)

    started my LPN to RN program and will graduate in a month at the age of 44.

    Nope you are not too late. In regards to your gender, I have a man in my class who is a couple of years older than me. I also know of several men in their mid to late 30's who have also gone through my school, graduated and landed jobs shortly after passing the NCLEX.

    As I always 5 years you will be five years older regardless of what choices you in 5 years, do you JUST want to be 5 years older or do you want to be 5 years older AND a nurse?
  10. by   tenjuna
    42 year old single father of 2 here so I understand your doubts, as I had them as well. Career change after 25 years was not an easy decision to make, but I am soooooooo happy I did now 2 years later.

    You will have the same path of pre-reqs and GenEd classes to take like everyone else. As for discrimination, you *may* face some...I have had some minor indirect hostility, but it wasn't anything I couldn't ignore or avoid.

    Be the best student you can be, ignore the haters, and push through the will do fine.
  11. by   Guinevere39
    You're not too late! There are a number of "mature" students in my program that are your age or older, and both of the men in my program (there are 20 of us in my cohort) have a decade on you. It's never too late to go for your dream job!
  12. by   Mencey
    Thanks everybody for the kind words of encouragement! I feel so much better about my decision to pursue a career in nursing!
  13. by   ScarletDreams
    Did you end up looking into CNI RN program?
  14. by   LoriRNCM
    I am a late in life career changer too. Always did office administration but decided that after raising two educated successful kids, it was my turn to follow my dreams of continuing my education. Had taken some liberal arts classes in the nineties, but the only one that I ended up able to use for my nursing degree is ENG because it doesn't expire. Don't qualify fror grants (FAFSA doesn't take into consideration your expenses like mortgage and car payments and a family). My school doesn't participate in the student loan program. So there have been HUGE financial sacrifices to make since I am single and paying my own way at age 49. Started pre reqs in 2010, sometimes full time, sometimes part time. Finished up all pre reqs, didn't get in, so started on co reqs, and now I am started the ADN program in August. If you have the support of your family, you can certainly do it. I did it on my own with no one helping financially, and it's been very difficult. But I so enjoy school!!! Planning on continuing with my BSN after ADN. Good luck to you!