Keep trying, or give up :(

  1. OK guys, i'm gonna be completely honest with you! I am not one to give up, but I have been trying to get my RN for over 7 years!!! I achieved in the process of becoming a LVN during my attempt and have been an LVN for almost three years now. I admit it, I screwed up when I was like 18 and 19 years old. Dicking around, and not taking my classes as serious as I should, or just having a huge overload and not focusing on classes like I should. Well, low and behold here I am 25 years old and repeating classes (which of course screws me for a lot of programs, since I've had to repeat my Physiology class 3 times the first was a W so that counts). I'm doing extremely well in school now, since i'm taking more time into it and I want my RN SOOOOO BAD!!! Yet, trying to apply to schools at this point with my science GPA's only at like a 2.2 or .3 and my repeats is just getting hard to find. I'm almost losing hope but I have tried SOOO HARD, I need some words of advice people. Help me out here!! I'm going NUTS!!
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    I don't know what state you are in, but have you looked into the Indiana State online LVN-BSN?
  4. by   andreaslick50
    I have slightly, it seems extremely expensive and I haven't heard or met anyone who has completed it successfully?
  5. by   chrissylovegood
    Dont give up! Seriously your only 25 and i know you probably want your RN like right now but you've learned from your mistakes and it would be so sad if you gave up when you are so close! You can do it!!
  6. by   BunnyBunny
    I say to try as much as you can, once you get rejected then you should move on. You never know until you try. I know many people are trying to get into nursing school which only makes it harder.
  7. by   phoenixnim
    I'm not one to give up either. But I think you really need to talk to an advisor. I know at all the schools I have looked at in my area, they only allow one re-take for all the core science pre-reqs. So that is really something you need to look into. Maybe they will do a special consideration after so many years have passed? I do not know, but I tell you this so you don't get blind sided and so you can check into this type of requirement at your desired schools right away.
  8. by   andreaslick50
    Well things are always changing and so many variables are different with every school. Currently this summer I'll be applying to two local schools (the only ones that are local here). One only accepts three qualified LVNs into there program. They look at a more holistic view, such as how long have you been a nurse already, work history prior, references and such. I feel very well qualified. I've been a nurse for almost three years now, since the age of 16 I have done nothing but health care work such as physical fitness aid, physical therapy aid, mental health job coach and primary, Cna, CNA coordinator, ward clerk, and a charge nurse. I'm already iv certified and working on getting a wound certification eventually.
    The other school is picking there LVN s first, and then filling apps with applicants like me. They are subtracting repeats from there equation. But, they are taking your total gpa not science gpa, and you have to take a "pn predictor test" I will study for this but I feel I have a good shot at doing well on that, since I've already taken the nclex. I forgot to mention for the last college ( the one that only picks 3) that I have to take the teas test. My brain is just so stressed right now.
  9. by   soambitious13
    I am 25 also and I know exactly what you mean. I left home at 18, got married, and had children. I always knew that nursing was what I wanted to do but I also had to focus on working to help support our family. Now we are stable and I'm Sooo ready to finish up school. I say don't give up... If its in your heart than you should at least try. I would start researching and calling schools. Gdluck!
  10. by   jescalynn
    Don't give up if it's something you really want to do, I did almost the same except I never became a LVN & I started nursing school at 30, it's hard especially with kids and life and everything else, man how I wished I would have focused when I was 18, I would have been working as a nurse for over 10yrs now . But you know what life has other plans right now for you, and if you keep at it you will reach your goal ! Good luck! :-)
  11. by   SchnoorRN
    Its always hard giving advice especially if the situation is this tough. My advice is never give up. God has a plan for everyone. After failing my NCLEX after 265 questions I didn't want to go back. I fought through and passed in 75 questions a month later. I wasn't ready to become a nurse the first time.

    Although you may not want to work hard and may want to party versus study. It's important to know that nothing comes easy in life. You have to fight for what you want. If you aren't willing to fight or go through the stress you have to think to yourself. Is become an RN really what I want in life. If your not willing to fight maybe it's not what you want.
  12. by   sbear24
    You can do it! I went to college at 17 the first time and dicked around because I couldn't handle it, so now I'm also 25 and going back and repeating classes to get my RN. It's worth it, though, because you will respect yourself so much more for pushing through. Stay determined!
  13. by   hodgieRN
    I was in the exact same boat as you. I did not do well my first time in college. The first 4 years was all fraternity parties and football games. I came back home and dug myself out of the hole. It took a long time, but I got through it. When you retake classes, find out which ones can be grade forgiven. Just keep taking classes until your GPA goes up.

    The longer you were in school previously, the less amount each grade will count. An "A" with 30 credit hrs has more of an impact than an "A" with 130 credit hrs.

    Schools understand that students don't always make the right choices in the beginning. Some schools may look at the last 120 hrs and not all of them. You'd be surprised how admission requirements are worded. They may include so many of the last credit hrs or include mainly science classes. If you meet with an adviser, they can show you the grey areas with how your GPA can be calculated.

    Keep taking classes. Right before I got into nursing school, I needed my GPA a little higher, so I took a couple classes that had nothing to do with nursing. It was just extra credit hrs for my GPA. Nothing more. See if you can get away with taking extra electives. After a while, your GPA will start climbing.

    You have to do well in the classes you are taking now. With my second go around, I knew I had to get A's or anything close to it to really affect my grades. If you are still getting B's and C's, the hole will get bigger b/c the more credit hrs you obtain, the less an A will affect it.

    If you can make it into nursing school, your chances of getting into a BSN program are not as bad as you think. BSN programs for undergrad students usually require a 3.0 to apply, but an RN to BSN can be a 2.5 b/c they want prospects.

    Above all, you need to make good grades from here on out and you need to meet with an adviser and make a battle plan. Now that you know what you want to do, your grades should reflect that. When I went back, I knew what I wanted to do and my GPA was opposite of my previous round. It can be done. You just have to patient and very determined. Good luck!
  14. by   MrsStudentNurse
    I understand totally. Have you considered moving to a different area?