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I can't seem to find anyone who has taken the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance Exam. Has anyone on this forum taken this exam? If so, would you mind giving some insight as to how the test was? I... Read More

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    Any specific study guides for the Kaplan Pre-Nursing Enterance Exam? Can't find any, but my school uses the Kaplan and I want to study specifically for this exam...not all Nursing Enterance Exam in general! Thanks (:
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    Quote from sgo1989
    Any specific study guides for the Kaplan Pre-Nursing Enterance Exam? ..,but my school uses the Kaplan
    Kaplan has free study guides in their office, assuming you're talking about the LVN pre entrance exam. I do highly recommend studying, even though it wasn't super hard, it's good to be prepared.

    The test had multiplication, division, addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals. Also had conversions of fractions to decimals and vice versa and working with percentages. The test was computerized and timed.
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    It's for entrance into a Registered Nurse program...
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    We take the Kaplan here too (Colorado Mesa University) and I have to agree, the study guide is crap! Doesn't prepare you at all. I think I did the worst on science, and I've had a ton of science classes. Overall I got a 84%, but I think the averages are in the 70s. Don't stress about the math, it's simple. Science has very specific physiology questions and not much else. Grammar and language would be a good review. Such as: which sentence uses a comma incorrectly? Or pronoun, adjective, adverb placement. Reading comp is easy, just take your time cause you can't go back. It's all in computers and you get 3 hours to do it. It's nice that they give your printout as soon as your done, so you know how you did!

    Good luck to those taking the Kaplan entrance exam soon!
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    Hi Julesmama28 - I am also at CMU and getting ready to take my Kaplan test in just over a week. Any last-minute advice? I have been trying to focus on the science section as best I can, but is there any area in particular you thought was important? I am a nervous wreck because I just moved my husband and kids here from the mountains just to go to nursing school and I pray that I will get in! :-) I did all my pre-reqs at CMC except for Stats & Algebra which I just finished last semester at CMU. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
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    One thing that helped with the science was to read/skim Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies. You need to know physiology, so really stick to that portion of the book. Don't memorize bones, muscles, etc. The questions are geared to systems and their functions. For example, if a patient is dehydrated, what systems might be affected by this and what would the outward manifestations be.... The A and P book for Dummies helped me to remember all the information from A and P class. Good luck!
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    Thank you dsb_fam for the advice!!! I will definitely focus on the physiology aspect and get the book for a good refresher. Wish me luck...
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    so how was your Kaplan Exam?
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    I an preparing to tae the kaplan entrance exam in august I have a few questions

    1. is the exam proctored?
    2. Is there a more detailed book to study from the entrance exam book is not very detailed for the A&P section. or math portion any advice for preparing to get in the program what's a good score to get on the exam??? to get in the program. I have A's and B's in my prereqx

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