Is my GPA & background too average? Need Advice!

  1. Aloha--

    I'm a student at University of Hawaii and I feel like I am completely stuck right now. I currently have a 3.5 GPA..but I have had between a 3.8-4.0 for the last 4 semesters (I started off college on the wrong foot) and I have a 3.9 in my nursing pre-req courses. I graduate in May with a degree in Family Resources.

    I've had international medical volunteer experience in Peru and Guatemala, and have completed CNA1 training. I thought this would definitely help set me apart from other applicants but apparently, so far, it hasn't made much of a difference. I've read in a lot of these blogs that most applicants to ABSN or MEPN programs have this type of background as well...PLUS a 4.0 cumm GPA.

    I applied to 4 nursing schools this year, both MEPN and ABSN programs and have already been rejected by 2 (Oregon Health Sciences University's ABSN program and University of Hawaii Manoa's MEPN program) and am waiting to hear back from George Washington University & Union University (both ABSN programs).

    I am starting to get really anxious, I feel like my GPA is just too average...I am wondering if anyone knows of any ABSN/MEPN programs out there that have a more holistic approach when reviewing their applicants. Also, I would love to hear back from anyone who is in the same boat and hear what your situation is and what you are planning to do about it...

    If I don't get accepted anywhere for the 2013-14 school year, should I keep taking classes to boost my GPA? Should I do another international volunteer program? Should I just stay home and work as a full time CNA? Should I try to get into a Community College Program and bridge my way up? What would give me a leg up over other applicants?

    Any advice, guidance, constructive criticism would be more than appreciated!
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  3. by   zoe92
    Have you thought about applying to more programs? I just ask this because the 4 you applied to are spread out throughout the country. I live in Maryland and I know University of Maryland School of Nursing has an excellent clinical nurse leadership program (it's direct entry masters). I recommend looking into it because I don't think they use residency preference.
  4. by   RHill9919
    Other than being a fast track to a Master's degree, are there any other differences in an ABSN and MEPN?
  5. by   Shorty11
    I agree with zoe92. Since you are already applying for different programs across the country, why not apply for more? I have a Bachelor's in Biology from 2009. After several years in the hearing aid field, I decided to pursue a BSN. I was unable to get into an accelerated BSN because my GPA was too low. I was, however, able to get into a traditional BSN program with my GPA (3.25). I already had many of my pre-reqs for nursing done because of my BS in biology. When I returned to school, I had to take one semester of additional pre-reqs. I was able to apply for the nursing program during that first semester back, and I got in. From start to finish, the traditional BSN will take me 3 years. It is obviously longer than an accelerated BSN program would be, but I decided to pursue my dream no less. I just finished my third semester of nursing courses. I have made 1 B and 8 A's in my nursing courses so far. I just finished up my third semester... two more left! I made mistakes when I was younger and didn't have that "perfect" pre-req GPA... but so what! I was able to find a program that gave me a chance and I am performing at the top of my class now. Maybe consider other options if you are having a hard time getting accepted into ABSN and MEPN programs that are highly competitive. It wasn't my original plan to attend a traditional BSN instead of an ABSN either. It may take me longer, but in the end I will still be a BSN-RN! Best of luck!
  6. by   iPink
    Don't put your eggs in one basket. Apply to all the ABSNs/MEPNs and ADNs/ASNs. You're GPA isn't the problem, it's that so many people are going into nursing that it's tough out there. A friend of mine had a 3.8 GPA and still didn't get into a program, so don't beat yourself up.

    Don't give up and apply everywhere, including out of Hawaii.
  7. by   Studyhardpls
    Hi! I live in HI too planning on getting my BSN at UHM. Is it that hard to get in there? How long have you been applying? I'm currently finishing my prereqs at LCC. One of the counselors advised me to try going the KCC-ADN route then BSN afterwards. A friend of mine told me to consider HPU but their tuition is driving me nuts.
  8. by   SopranoKris
    Just a thought: do you have an F or a few Ds on your transcript? Sometimes this can be a big deterrent for accelerated BSN or Master's programs. Even though your overall GPA is 3.5, the first grades they see are your lowest ones (since transcripts are in date order). As Zoe & Shorty said above, consider applying to some traditional BSN programs in addition to accelerated programs and if you're already willing to relocate, apply to multiple ABSN programs. The more you apply, the better your chances. I know there is additional cost involved, but it might be worth it if you've got a better chance of getting accepted. If you do have any Fs or Ds on your transcript, you might want to re-take these courses to show you've improved. Many schools will take the higher of the 2 grades if they look at pre-reqs only or if it's GPA only, the higher re-take grade will help lessen the damage from lower grades.