Intro to Speech or Public Speaking workload

  1. I'm finishing up prerequisites to apply to nursing programs for fall of 2014. I am 3 months pregnant and need to finish everything asap.

    This fall I'm registered to take Anatomy, Physiology and half of a self paced algebra course. I found out that the Interpersonal Comm course I took 18 years ago is not transferable to the schools I'm applying to. So I have to fulfill that prereq this fall to apply to a few schools.

    How heavy of a workload is a speech or public speaking course? I'm just concerned about taking on too much. My priority are my science courses. But if its an easy A i'm up for squeezing it in. Great thing is I don't work only currently go to school full time. I do have a 3 year old but have lots of help from family. I did very well last semester ending with a 3.7 GPA for 14.5 units.

    Advice or thoughts would be great!
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  3. by   LoriRNCM
    Easy class. Except for the whole public speaking part! If you can write a brief speech it's easy enough.
  4. by   GaNicuRN14
    My school offered it online so all you had to do was video yourself and submit it to the teacher. Especially good if you hate getting in front of crowds like me lol. Easy A!!
  5. by   LClark0823
    It was very easy. I did it online and we had to come to campus one Saturday a month and give a speech. Very easy A.
  6. by   whiteymcb12
    what school did you go to? I'm looking for a class like this
  7. by   whiteymcb12
    what school did you go to? I'm looking for a class like that
  8. by   Miss Infermiera2b
    Most of the time, it is easy. For me, it wasn't, but I think that is not the norm. My teacher was a very tough grader and had very high expectations for his students' speeches. However, as long as I knew exactly what he was expecting, I allotted an appropriate amount of time to it and passed easily with an A (total 17 units this past semester, so I had plenty of time for my other classes). Just get a good read on your professor and gauge their expectations, then work a schedule for yourself appropriately.
  9. by   emmjayy
    I took Public Speaking with a guy who had a reputation as a hard-ass. It was fine, turned out to be one of my favorite classes and involved very little work. No papers, only two tests, and three speeches. It was a very easy A.