Intimidated by anatomy and physio 1 :(

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    Today was my first lab in a&p 1, and ever since the class ended I have been having major panic attacks.I am so overwhelmed. I don't know how I am going to pass this class. It's so complicated with the tissues and stuff Any advice/words of encouragement would be so helpful and greatly appreciated!

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    Study study study!

    Make flash cards, write them down continuously to get the spelling correct. Find a study buddy. The anatomy is memory, my school offered DVDs that had the same models. I was able to study at home, was able to pause & replay the video.
    Physiology on the other hand. You must connect with the material & understand the functions of the organs/systems.
    You'll be okay, I did the 8 week flex course for both a&p. it was a big slap in the face but I studied hard and made an A in both course.
    You can do it, good luck!!!
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    For me, it's more than the tranditional notion of "Studying". I am taking A&P I and Micro this semester (along with some other courses), and I find myself thinking of nothing but my science classes. Every time I go to reach for my car door I think about what muscles I'm using, how my wrist will pronate to grab the handle, when I'm walking the dog I try to think of all my muscles. It's immersing yourself in the subject material.

    A new thing for me this semester is my voice recorder... I don't know why I haven't been utilizing these throughout my school career. I tape my lectures and I constantly listen to them (and I mean constantly, I'm listening to one right now).

    I find that people get overwhelmed at the "idea" of something, but when you break it down day by day it's not that scary. You need to be studying, every. day. Whether it be reading, rewriting notes, listening to lectures, group study, mapping your own body, thinking about a&p, whatever it is, you need to be dealing with it EVERYDAY.

    Hope this helps, don't have panic attacks... they aren't conducive to the learning process.
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    Try not to stress, a&p is overwhelming, it overtakes your other classes and you spend alot of time studying and it can get you down because its so much. ! You just have to take it day by day and one test at a time. Last semester was really stressful for me. This semester of anatomy is WAY easier. Same workload I just know what I'm in for with studying. YOU CAN DO IT!
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    Do you know what type of learner you are...visual, audio, etc?

    What really helped me during lab was to go to youtube and search for videos of the system we were learning. Many of the videos had the exact same models that we used in my school's lab. Many times hearing and watching another explain the material made it click for me. Without those youtube videos I would have most definatly failed. There are also free quizzes and tests that you can find doing a google search. Some were labelling exercises, some were matching the word to the spot on the body, tissue etc. Worked wonders for me too.

    It also requires a lot of memorization. I like to come up with mnemonics to retain the info
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    As an example we are learning body quadrants and zones. I decided to study the front of the body today and the back tomorrow. Then overview this info the next day and add in something else new. Do this each day until the next class. Just my plan for now.
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    I took A&P a little over a year ago and I did great in the class because I absolutely loved it. I'm re-taking it this semester because my science credits didn't transfer to the new school I'm now at, and I'm already so excited to dive back into the world of the human body.

    For me, I'm a visual learner, so I love to draw. If we were on the skeletal system, I would draw out all the bones, and doodle and label and draw some more. Just the act of drawing and then coloring in the parts and labeling them solidified the information in my mind. I did that with every section that I did in A&P. It's been a year since the first time I took A&P, and I still remember so much. I can name bones of the skeletal system out the top of my head, or sing to you the parts of the brain. I loved making mneumonics in my head, or songs and rhymes to help me remember the parts of whatever system we were on.

    For vocabulary, because there is a LOT of terminology in A&P, I used flashcards and I would constantly quiz myself, or get friends to quiz me.

    I also recorded lectures, and while listening to my lectures helps me in other classes, it was never much help in A&P. I think that is because A&P is such a visual class, it's all about visualizing and knowing the parts of the body, so for me auditory learning just didn't come in handy for that class. But, it might for you, so try recording your lectures and see if that helps you out.

    For starters though, I think the first thing you should do is determine what type of learner you are, and adapt your study methods to what suits you best. Good luck!
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    Get an Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Book, no joke. It does wonders in remembering things.
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    So I was overwhelmed at Anatomy Lab the first day, and I ran into my speech teacher that day and he actually gave me the best advice: Sing it, hold it, write it. I went back to my Anatomy lab on Thursday and quietly sang the parts of bones to myself while holding and touching the bones, then I wrote them, then I asked my study partner to quiz me. I had it! I got through 4 bones in 3 hours. Each one faster and better than the last! My speech teacher said to immerse every sense I had for learning and I have! My anatomy instructor came over during the lab and quizzed me on a bone and she was shocked by how easily I was learning them... By the end of lecture after I'd developed groupies lol! I'm also recording lectures, taking notes on the instructors power points that I pre-print, and giving myself spelling tests. And for the first time in any course I feel in my element.
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    Quote from Alisonisayoshi
    And for the first time in any course I feel in my element.
    ^ This. So hard.

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