Interested in nursing but gpa is low & hve over 100 hrs. Shoul I do teaching instead?

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    Hi Everyone! I am new to this site I must say. But I need advice as to what I should do to better my chances of getting into the BSN nursing program at the University of South Florida since my gpa is low. I have a 2.6 overall gpa currently and not sure what my pre-req gpa is but have not finished up all my pre-reqs yet. I only need to take A&P II and a three credit science course. I am going to retake A&P I since I got a C to try and help raise my gpa. Currently I am taking nutriton and microbiology am hoping to get As and Bs in the remainder of my classes to raise my gpa. I got all As and Bs in all the other pre-req courses just A&P I I got a C and A&P II I withdrew from as I wasnt prepared to take it. I really want to become a nurse. However I have accumulated over 100 credit hours and just now figuring out what I want as a career. Am I wasting my time or should I really persue this? Is it even possible to raise my gpa to a 3.2 with the few classes I have left to take?

    Currently I am majoring in Elementary Education only because my gpa will allow me to get in the program. However, I am somewhat interested in teaching as well. Right now I only have 2 pre-reqs left to take for either degree. I know I will get into the education program as it is not competitive like nursing. I was wondering is it worth getting a degree in education while bettering my gpa then applying to nursing under the second degree sequence even though I really want to do nursing? I would hope to be teaching in the meantime. I am sure I will have over a 3.0 which is what USF require to be competitive for second degree sequence. Then I will have two bachelors degrees. Or should I forget getting my bachelors even though I have over 100 credit hours and become a LPN and then bridge over to RN then BSN or straight from LPN to BSN? Are there any accredited programs in Tampa that are inexpensive where I am able to do this? Do jobs like hospitals even recognize degrees from these schools? I've even looked into HCC but for an associates you have to have like a 3.5 gpa.

    I thought of just changing my major to pre-nursing but before I can they want you to have a 3.2 gpa. I looked online and USF look for any medical work experience or volunteer work. I have had my CNA license before but they have expired. I never did any work though as a CNA besides the internship I did through my high school. I thought of retaking the certification exam but my husband does not like the idea of what the job entails. So I thought maybe I could volunteer at a hospital. In the meantime I have applied for a few jobs at the hospital on the business level that require customer service skills just to get my foot in the door but I haven't heard anything back yet. I don't know if because I am a leasing agent and that is more of a sales job.

    I know USF will be having a meeting soon for all individuals interested in nursing to attend which I plan to do. I just have so many questions that I need answered now. Sorry that my post is so lengthy but I am really confused and tried to give enough details for you all to understand. Thank you all so much for all the feedback you all give!!!
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    I think if that's what u really want to do go for it! I had a 2.4 gpa at a college & transfer to another school now holding a 3.7 gpa! Maybe you should transfer schools because most schools ur gpa won't follow! They will go by the new school gpa! I'm currently looking for schools now & I have to transfer again to start a new gpa because I have any for the new school & they go by points! Just work hard & try to pull ur gpa all the way up! U can do it if being a nurse is really what u want! GOOD LUCK.
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    If you have already accumulated over 100 credits it is virtually impossible to pull your GPA up to 3.0. Assuming that you have 100 credits at 2.6, you would need 40 additional credits at 4.0 GPA to pull a 3.0. Also, many BSN programs place a limit on how many times you can repeat a course, so that's something to consider as well.

    If nursing is what you want to do, focus more on getting the RN license whether you do so through BSN, ADN, or LPN-to-ADN-to-BSN, rather than specific schools or programs. Sure, direct BSN would be ideal, but it's not always doable (although you should still try and apply). That doesn't mean you have to give up your career choice.

    But definitely try to Ace your classes (especially pre-reqs). I think if you Ace your pre-reqs, you’ll have a high chance of getting into an ADN program. Then just get into a bridge BSN or MSN program.
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    Thanks for the reply keya86tiff! I just recently transferred to USF. I am currently holding a 4.0 USF institutional GPA. I think the nursing program look at the overall gpa and not just the institutional gpa. Are you looking to go into a nursing program?
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    Hi umbdude. Are you saying my chances of getting into a BSN program are very slim with my GPA?
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    USF looks at overall GPA-I had a 3.5 gpa from my previous degree and I was turned down, this was last year.

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    Yes I'm looking to get into the nursing but in NJ it's different at a community college they look at the GPA u earned at they college
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    it doesnt hurt to try...but so many people are applying to nursing school, so your GPA might be on the lower end. Check to see if the school have a GPA requirement. I hope I'm wrong. Good luck
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    The gpa requirement is a 3.2. Mine is lower because of the number of classes I've taken. However, my pre-req gpa will be a 3.55 after I take A&P II. I know I can get an A there.
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    If you are interested in teaching and are not able to raise your GPA for nursing, I would say go for teaching. How close are you to completing a bachelors? Because I know for most schools 90 credits is a junior and 120 credits is enough for graduation.

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