I have really bad grade when I first started college and now it's hard fixing them

  1. When I first started school in 2012 I did really poor. I realized I want to go into nursing school 2 years ago, but fixing my screwed up grades has taken a toll to the point I want to give up. But every time I think about doing it I get motivated again. And then when a class goes wrong once again, I take a break. Plus I have to pay out of pocket because financial aid was revoked from doing so badly. So I know I did this to myself but how can I really pick up the pieces and fix this???! It's extremely hard. I wish I did better and I didn't mess up because I like to party and goofy off. I have real life struggles with money, family illnesses and list of things. I keep thinking if I push through this I can look back and say I've overcame a lot to tell the next person in my shoes. I just need to know where to start.
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  3. by   northmississippi
    Before I applied for nursing school, I had a business degree and wasnt a top student. I went back and retook all the prereqs so that I would have a high gpa and i retook the act as well. It took some doing and a few semesters but It worked out for me. Take your anatomy class last.
  4. by   Julius Seizure
    Quote from agpholen9219
    And then when a class goes wrong once again, I take a break.
    Why do the classes keep going wrong?