I got my acceptance letter today!!!!! YAY I got my acceptance letter today!!!!! YAY - pg.2 | allnurses

I got my acceptance letter today!!!!! YAY - page 2

Hey everyone, I just got my acceptance letter for my BSN program in the mail today!!!! I'm so thrilled that the waiting is over! Yesssssss, my hard work has really paid off!! :cat:... Read More

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    WHOOHOOO Congratulations!!! Happy dances all over the place...
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    Yay congrats!!! I got mine a few weeks ago its such an awesome feeling!! So happy for you!
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    Congratulations and best wishes!
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    Congrats to you!!!! I got mine last week for the ADN program....contingent on passing Microbiology. I know you have to have the BSN to get anywhere with this, so this is step #2....CNA was step one.
    We have alot of work to do, future nurses......stay positive!!!
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    Congratulations! I am in my third semester of an ADN program and cannot wait to graduate and start practicing!! Don't let others discourage you. It is the hardest thing I've ever done, but also the most rewarding. I remember when I got my acceptance and told a nurse at the hospital (I am a CNA), she said, "Oh, I feel so sorry for you. You won't have a life for the next two years." I said, "Really?? Why would you even say that?" I got a lot more positive feedback from others. I have many mentor nurses at my hospital that are always willing to let me watch them do things and give me advice regarding the way to do procedures. This is my second career and I regret that I didn't know this was my true calling many years ago. Best wishes to you! I sincerely believe you will love it! Now, if I could just find the perfect nursing shoe! Lol!
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    Congrats! I am well jeal! That must be a great feeling!
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    Thanks for everyone that's given me a shout out!!! It really means a lot to have so much support from within the nursing community!

    P.S. I'm still so excited!! WOOHOO

    P.P.S. Congrats to all of those who have been accepted as well! For those still waiting....hang in there, I'll be waiting to hear from you!
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    Thanks for all your positive advice! It must be so exciting to almost be done with your program! For me, Nursing is also a second career, but it feels so good to be rewarded for my hard work (especially since I know that this is my calling). ~ As for nursing shoes......AGHHH....I'm not even there yet. So much to consider with purchasing: scrubs, books, stethoscope, etc. My "new nursing student orientation" isn't until the end of April.....I'm sure they'll let me know all the details then. ~ Good luck with the rest of your program!!!
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    Hi Jessicainsantafe. Is this SFCC in NM ADN program? Congrats. You can PM if you prefer. Thanks
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    Congrats dhibler32 on getting accepted. Great job!! Way to go!! I know everyone has worked so hard to get into nursing school; something to be very proud of.