I am in!

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    I got my letter today FINALLY and yipppeeee I got accepted! The relief and excitement I feel is just incredible!
    Of course we are getting a foot of snow tonight and so going out to celebrate wont be easy but I'm sure going to try!!

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    Good job!!!!!! . I am really happy for you.

    Go out and celebrate!!!
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    Way to go!! It is a great feeling. I know you worked hard to get it!
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    congratulations to a future nurse to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you!! I did work my butt off and at least now it feels like it is being rewarded! I cant wait for the fall!(more than a foot of snow overnight and I'm wishing to skip right over summer?! lol)
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    Congrats! So many posts of acceptance the last few days. Cool.
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    THAT ROCKS, CONGRATS. I myself am waiting and it will be about mid April before I know.