How to study for "Three Tests"

  1. 0 Okay, I am overwhelmed for the week!

    I have three tests(possibly four *if we have a surprised quiz from my anatomy lab professor)..

    Tomorrow, I have a Sociology test. so Far, I have a 96 % in the class.
    Wednesday, I have a Nutrition test (I believe I have a B so far)
    Thursday! - My huge 90 + anatomy test (Which is the MOST important o me)

    However, I do NOT know how to start/how to break it down with the whole studying.
    I have one day for sociology, basically 3 days for Nutrition and 3 day/4 days for Anatomy. Anatomy is the most important to me and my main focus, I was wondering should I forget the other ones and focus on anatomy?

    Any tips would be kind. Thanks.
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    anyone help?
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    Priorities first. Soc is first. Study that. Then the next test, then the next. You seem to have pretty good grades, study til you know the info and feel comfortable with it. Nursing school will throw more than this against you, just take things one step at a time
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    I would say study the sociology first. The test is tomorrow that is the most important at the moment. After that test, you can split your time between studying for anatomy and nutrition.
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    I would apply the 80/20. You get 80% of the benefit from 20% of the effort. I would put gauge how much effort I needed to put into each test to get an acceptable grade, then put 80% of that effort into each of the classes. If I had time/energy left, I would put 80% of it into the Anatomy and split the rest.

    "Acceptable grade" isn't simply an A or whatever - it includes factors like how likely am I be able to pull the B up to an A. If I'm not going to get the A anyway then it is better to aim for a B in the test rather try for an A on that test at the expense of an A in another class. Also, how important is each test in its respective class - I'd aim for a B on a given test if it was one of 6 tests and a half dozen in-class activities, so I could study more for a test in a class that had only 2 tests and no attendance or participation points.

    At a minimum, I would read through the notes for the class and probably write a list of vocabulary and important people. That is like getting 60% of the benefit for 5% of the effort.

    I would mix up the classes. Study the main one until I started to lose focus or momentum, then switch to another for a little while.

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