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Hi, I am looking for some hope and encouragement. Is there any one out there who kept on persisting even after being rejected once, twice, or more times from nursing school? I have applied once and... Read More

  1. by   Jmpwells
    I'm about to take my TEAS for the second time next Friday, so wish me luck! This is my second time trying to get into The RN program at my choice school, I even retook my ACT! Keep trying no matter what! I look at it as a challenge, a test as to how bad I want it!
  2. by   cbsncmom
    Quote from jack1971
    Reading these posts makes me scared that I am may have a problem. Fifteen years ago I went to school and bombed my GPA because I had no support system. A support system means everything when you are trying to go to school with small children. I also have a child with cystic fibrosis. We have literally lived in hospitals for 20 years. Because of the experience I have had as a parent with a sick child, I felt a calling to become a nurse. Last summer I went back to school and tried to start over. However, your GPA never goes away. It has taken me 4 semesters taking full loads to bring my GPA up from a 0.65 to a 2.9 (embarrassing). I quit my job in the spring to concentrate solely on my classes. But reading all of your posts with the exception of one, everyone is saying you need some kind of job experience in the field. I am not sure I can work AND go to school. I am not the kind of person who can stay up all night studying. I usually get up extra early when the house is quiet for that. So, being at work all day and having to study would be hard for me. Also, when would I have time to go to classes? I am at school everyday this fall for at least a couple of hours per day. And the thought of being rejected and setting me back 2, 3, or 4 years makes me a little uneasy. I am not young.
    I am going through the exact same thing. I wanted to do this 20 years ago, and my life took me in a different direction. I don't have time on my side as far as waiting several years to get in. I am concentrating on school only. I am not working. This has been my dream, and I have to make it work.
  3. by   coloradohopeful
    I was trying to get into a accelerated program, which includes all my credits prior (and let's say that school was not always my #1 focus!). I was wait-listed 2x to a program, denied once (did not score high enough on my HESI after having a baby 2 weeks before!), and then was accepted into the program that I was "denied" by (with only 24 spots being available). DO NOT GIVE UP!! Life sometimes happens a certain way for a reason. You will get in, look at multiple option for schools (I was pretty darn picky too and insisted on being in a BSN program)- IT WILL HAPPEN! Just don't give up, I know it is frustrating. Keep your dream at hand and follow it, improving your chances how ever you can along the way (i.e., courses, volunteer, experience). GOOD LUCK!!!

    P.S.- I had a 3.3 GPA going into the program and maintained a 3.6+ during the length of the accelerated program. Not stellar, but it was good enough to get me in and allow me to prove myself. Market yourself when you apply! Show your strengths!
  4. by   Jayarrgh
    Quote from spindash
    Hi, I am looking for some hope and encouragement. Is there any one out there who kept on persisting even after being rejected once, twice, or more times from nursing school? I have applied once and been rejected, hope to apply this year but don't believe I will make it. I know by raising my GPA I will eventually get it, but I am looking for some similar stories...
    I didn't get my first time with a GPA of 3.94. 2nd time was the charm. Keep trying. Persistence is a valuable trait in nursing school.
  5. by   rkdb
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    I definitely know how you feel! I just applied for my first time, and was not accepted. I don't really understand why, because I met all of the requirements, excedingly. For example, I had a 3.75 GPA, I am finished with all of my pre-requisites, I passed the entrance exam with a 90%, and I already work in the field. Although I didn't get into the program of my choice this fall, I am continuing taking classes and I am applying to ALL of the nursing programs within a 50 mile radius of where I live. Don't give up. If nursing is what you truly want to do, then keep your head held high and keep on treking! If it was easy to get into a nursing program, then there wouldn't be such a high demand for nurses.
    Where do you live? I'm so scared of this situation!