How Many Transcripts Do You Have To Request?

  1. I noticed someone on another thread mentioning the number of transcripts they have to request when they apply to schools, so I was curious to know how many other people on here have to request. What is YOUR number and how much do you end up shelling out?

    MY NUMBER: 6 ... ...

    One from the college where I earned a BA ($10)
    One from another college where I took courses during summers as an undergrad and are on my BA transcript anyway ($7)
    One from the university where I earned my grad degree (FREE)
    One from a college where I took a non-credit course and that's it, ever (don't know if I need to send this but FREE anyway)
    One from a college I took certain prereqs, before moving to my present state ($3)
    One from my current college where I will finish up prereqs ($5)

    Total = $25 (not including postage to mail each of these requests out)

    Frustration when this process repeats for each school (PRICELESS)

    Needless to say, I try to whittle down my application choices as much as possible, because in all likelihood (with perhaps one exception) my nursing school will become transcript #7, oh joy!
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  3. by   Coriander
    I always order two from each college. The reason? The university I attend now managed to lose one of my transcripts on its way to the nursing school, but I had a backup at home.
  4. by   dandk1997RN
    I had to request them from four colleges times 5 colleges I was applying to. Super fun! Then I had to contact Syracuse U again because they never sent out any of them. Apparently their fax number for transcripts isn't working well, but heck, why bother posting that on the transcript instructions? I am SO glad to not have to deal with that too much more. I am starting my program in the fall, and only need to supply them with my transcripts for classes I am taking now or will take over the summer, which will be from two different state schools.
  5. by   LuckyinKY
    I had to request 4 counting my high school transcript required by the school I applied to. 5 if you count my official SAT scores too ($35). Even though I have a BS, they still needed my official high school transcript and SAT scores. My SAT scores are clearly on my undergraduate transcript, but not good enough. I think counting the SAT scores, I spent $70 or so on transcripts for one school and $35 or so for my second choice school.
  6. by   Anne36
    So far only my high school transcripts for free~

    This is cool, I guess I do have some advantage over people with a degree, all my education is at 1 college so far and that will probably never change.