how long does it take to finish the prerequisites?

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    My school has 15 but only micro biology and a/p 1 and2 are manditory. I want to take them all to have a better chance to get in to the nursing classes. How many did you have to take and how many semester did it take to complete?

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    By the time I'm done it will have taken me a year and a half. I started last spring with only 2 classes, but I've been doing 4 a semester (including the summer session) since.
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    Your school has 15 what?
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    It took most people I know (that have finished) about 4 semesters to finish.
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    Thanks I wanted to try for 3 but I think I might go for 4 semester so I won't have an intense work load
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    For us, the only classes that we HAVE to have before being considered is a lab biology (A&PI is considered lab biology), lab chemistry, and have tested to be proficient in Prep. Algebra, and English. After being accepted to the program we then can take the other 10 classes that are needed to complete the program at the same time as our nursing classes. If you wanted to take all of the classes prior to starting the nursing portion, it would take 3-4 semesters.
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    It depends a great deal on your program. Several schools in my area require algebra as a pre-req for chemistry, which is a pre-req for microbiology, which is itself a required pre-req for the nursing program. If you hadn't taken algebra recently, that sequence alone could consume three semesters.

    In general, I'd count on at least three semesters, and that presumes you'll get every class you need, when you need it. If pre-nursing courses are impacted at your school (as is the situation with virtually all the colleges in California), four semesters is probably more realistic.
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    our school has 9 classes that you have to take prior to the "core" classes
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    What are the 9 that you have?
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    I am in the same boat... trying to calculate how long it takes to get through the pre-reqs. Four sounds right, especially since I have to take ALL of the math, from the beginning (gen. math, beg alg, int alg, statistics).

    Most of the problem is because of the math req. I need Intermediate Algebra to get into Chem and Microbiology, so those classes can't be taken until I get that alg class done.

    It's crazy and most of the time I am totally impatient. Time can't go by quickly enough for me. - At least by the time 4 semesters have passed, I'll have a great deal of hospital volunteer hrs. under my belt, which will give me more points during the application process.

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