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How Far do you want to go in your Nursing Education? - page 6

Hey folks, so i thought id get some opinions and viewpoints of people and their educational goals here? who wants to go all the way and get their DNP/Ph.D in nursing? My plan is to go all the... Read More

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    Right now I'm planning on at least getting my BSN. But I'm trying to just focus on my LPN program that I am 4 weeks into. I am sooo excited for it all though!!
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    Quote from umbdude
    I'd say a BSN is a minimum for me. After that I'll have to see how much I enjoy the job and the benefits/cost of more education. I'll also want to see for myself what role NPs (or PAs) play and shadow them in order to decide whether I want to pursue it.
    Same here. I plan on a minimum of BSN, leaning towards MSN and havent ruled out a doctorate, although I would be in no hurry to go there if I decide to do that, and odds are I wont. My priority is getting my BSN and working, getting experience to make my mind up.
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    I'm taking the prereqs for an LPN program. I plan to bridge to get ADN then BSN. I haven't decided what to get a master's degree in yet.
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    I am currently applying for a traditional BSN program. After that (if I am not tired of school), I was thinking I would apply for an online graduate program to become a nurse educator. I have always wanted to do geriatric nursing, but after seeing what a need there is for instructors at nursing schools, I am thinking I will get my master's and work part time or online as an instructor. That way I can still work with the elderly (home visits are one option that I am really liking) and then teach as well.