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Hospital sponsored accelerated nursing program

  1. 0 Are there any schools besides University of Arizona that have either hospital-sponsored accelerated bachelor or master nursing program? The one in U of A is 14 months, and you have to work for the hospital that pays for your tuition for 3 years after you graduate. I am looking for similar deals. Thanks!
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    I heard that Winston-Salem University in North Carolina has something similar like that. I think their program is 13-months.

    I am not sure if they still have it but you can try
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    Georgetown in Washington DC. Costs $70k and work either 3 or 4 years after and MOST of tuition is forgiven if you work at Washington Hospital Center. (See thread about WHC and Blizzard 2010)
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    University of Miami has a scholarship if chosen will pay your tuition if you work for a min of 36 months
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    St. Vincent's hospital in Indianapolis has an accelerated BSN program @ Marian University, but it is very, very expensive.