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    Hi, guys! I new here, and wanted introduce myself. I'm MCLMN765, I'm trying to enter a acclerated LPN nursing program. It's my first time applying for any nursing program, I'm overly scared and exicited at the same time. I volunteer ata hospital for 4 summers, I loved the enviroment, and people. I alos worked in a nursing homw as a house cleaner and launry perso. Well anyways, I have turned in my application, an got my test date, which is March 14th. On the test I have to take theyonly have the math and reading portions. I'm great at reading, but would love to make sure I have both parts down packed. Math is a totally different thing, I can do basic math, but I also want to make sure I know this and understand it. I really want to get into this program. What else can I do to make sure that I get a high scores on this test? I have to get 90% or above on both portions to get the interview. Any ideas? Please can someone mentor me and help me stuy, maybe giving me math questions on here? thanks

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    You will have a calculator in the HESI program. Just make sure you study the review book. Especially the info on conversions and things like X:100 :: 25:500
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    I took the full Hesi a2 yesterday and the math was exactly like the review book for me. You do have a calculator. Just make sure you know everything in the review guide (evolve reach).
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    Thank you! I do have that review guide, just got to get myself update once again.
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    I took the hesi a2 yesterday as well and I don't consider myself good at math, but I made a 92 in it. It has a lot of fractions in it, and definitely know your conversions like 2.2 kg = 1 lb and 1 gallon = 128 oz.
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    I really don't consider myself good at all at math. I just really want to get into this program. The program I'm applying for has only 20 seats. So yeah, I kind want those scores on the high side,lol! Thanks, do you remember any of the math questions,and what you studied?
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    The math portion is just like the study guide. The math and English (grammar and vocabulary) are very easy. Just study the study guide and know how to work every sample problem in the study guide. I took the test yesterday morning and wish I only had to take the Math and English portion because the science part is way harder.
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    What did everyone think of the science sections? I have to take Biology, Chemistry, and A and P.
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    Peanut . . . I thought the chem and bio were easy. I actually scored 100% on the bio section. The A&P was more challenging. I did well in all sections but a&p was my lowest. I found out after the exam that the individual programs can shape the test and individualize the difficulty for their program. So my experience might not mean much.
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    Oh wow! I never new that. Well, congrats on your score! I think for A and P and Chem I should study from my previous notebooks. I'm just not sure what to do for Bio. The Hesi book isn't so great for the science portion

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