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Hello all! I am a first time "college goer" and am wanting to become an RN... I am all signed up and they gave me a paper on all the classes I MUST complete before even taking the TEAS... Not sure... Read More

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    Yes, it's def doable!! I am a single mother of a 3 year old little girl, it's just me 24/7 and I only have 2 more classes I have to do! So, you can def do it!! You just have to have motivation and know that you need to do well! You have to have a high GPA to get in, so make sure you study well and do you best to get all A's but don't stress out too much if you get a B every now and then!! It won't kill you! *trust me... I've done it! Lol*

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    Thank you all for the encouragement!! I am very excited to start this journey! I am wanting to be a L&D nurse. We will see how it goes

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