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Okay here it is, I am mailing off my application for Nursing school soon. If I am accepted or rejected I will know by Mid-April. And the program starts in June, and lasts until Aug. 2006. Now the program only has 60 spots and is... Read More

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    Quote from New_Mom_LPN_Student
    Thanks. I have more info. The school that won't let me transfer is just a money pit. It is $15,000. I am sorry but that is ridiculous for a year long LPN program. They produce good nurses, but not that good. I do plan on applying to my first choice, and the Voc Tech. I am still worried because the Voc Tech may have a waiting list, and I may not get in to my first choice, but now I feel a little more at ease. So now I will just continue on the semester, do the best I can in my pre-req's for my first choice and if I don't get in I will have applied to the Voc Tech hopefully they don't have a waiting list. I feel a lot more relaxed, than I did last night.
    Sniff, sniff ,
    I am so proud of you! I think u have made the right choice! And yes, please let us know how it all turns out!
    And don't regret not doing this sooner! You are right where you r supposed to be right now. We all made our plan b4 coming to this earth, for our lives (this is my belief and I'm stickin' to it! :chuckle )

    What doesn't kill me will only make me stronger! And believe me I am determined! (Future BSN grad '06)


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    Thanks so much for the support. I am now back with more info. Well the program does not have a waiting list, but there is no automatic acceptance either. I was told that after you take and pass the placement test, you are sent a letter. And that is all I was told. I asked what happened after you got the letter and all they told me is that there is a process that you have to go through. They are being really secretive, which makes me a little uneasy but at least I know it is not about money, since they are a state tech school, they have to release their tuition. And I as told that it is 18 months insted of 16, either way I will be done by Jan 2007 at the most. And they no longer use the TABE Test, they use the Asset now.

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