Help! Failed A&P I

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    I feel like such a failure! I failed A&P I and now my GPA looks horrible. No one will want to accept me into their nursing program now. What should I do!?

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    Re-take it. Most schools replace the old grade with the new one, a few average the two grades (old and new) together.
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    You cannot get into nursing school with a failed science, so you have to retake it. Now that you know what to expect, you can prepare ahead of time and work toward earning a passing grade! Good Luck! You can do it!
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    Totally passed lab but failed lecture. Thanks! I'll retake it and hope they swap the old grade for the new one.
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    I went over all my notes from last semester and your right this time I'll know what to expect
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    I agree. Retake the course. They will accept your most recent grade for the course but you are not allowed to repeat a course more than twice. (At least that's how most schools are)
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    Retake it. I didn't do so hot when I took it. I retook it, replaced the grade, and my gpa went right on up again.
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    You will want to be selective about what schools you apply for. My school averages grades together. So if you failed, even if you get an A the next time around you will not have a high enough average.
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    When you retake A&P, utilize the learning center, find a tutor and get in a study group. Chin up you can do it!! Sounds like you have the lab down. Don't just memorize understand the concepts. juz my two pennies...........
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    Love how everyone is so supportive on here.

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