Help! Failed A&P I

  1. I feel like such a failure! I failed A&P I and now my GPA looks horrible. No one will want to accept me into their nursing program now. What should I do!?
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  3. by   x_factor
    Re-take it. Most schools replace the old grade with the new one, a few average the two grades (old and new) together.
  4. by   Trenata
    You cannot get into nursing school with a failed science, so you have to retake it. Now that you know what to expect, you can prepare ahead of time and work toward earning a passing grade! Good Luck! You can do it!
  5. by   Kas78
    Totally passed lab but failed lecture. Thanks! I'll retake it and hope they swap the old grade for the new one.
  6. by   Kas78
    I went over all my notes from last semester and your right this time I'll know what to expect
  7. by   lalacb123
    I agree. Retake the course. They will accept your most recent grade for the course but you are not allowed to repeat a course more than twice. (At least that's how most schools are)
  8. by   zoe92
    Retake it. I didn't do so hot when I took it. I retook it, replaced the grade, and my gpa went right on up again.
  9. by   runsalot
    You will want to be selective about what schools you apply for. My school averages grades together. So if you failed, even if you get an A the next time around you will not have a high enough average.
  10. by   Donoharm
    When you retake A&P, utilize the learning center, find a tutor and get in a study group. Chin up you can do it!! Sounds like you have the lab down. Don't just memorize understand the concepts. juz my two pennies...........
  11. by   Kas78
    Love how everyone is so supportive on here.
  12. by   zeno33
    Quote from Kas78
    Love how everyone is so supportive on here.
    ^ Agreed. I love allnurses.
  13. by   queserasera
    Well you'll obviously have to retake it, but, think about what a leg up you'll have on everyone else in your class! I mean, you'll already know what's coming at you, and I think by reinforcing the material you'll get an A!

    As other said, be careful about the schools you apply to, if they average grades or not.
  14. by   Alisonisayoshi
    I have three people all applying to nursing school and all retaking Anatomy (at my school you do one full semester if Anatomy followed by one full of physiology) I guarantee you are not alone in retaking.