Has anyone here taken the Teas online assessment practice test?

  1. And if so was it like the real Teas? Harder? Easier? Anyone?
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  3. by   goingformydream
    I have not yet taken the teas test... I have taken the practice test online (first time, 80%) now I am completing the workbook... believe it or not, the science portion got me! I was shocked... I thought I would do the best on that... so I am busy reviewing biology, chemistry, and the workbook... I will take the practice test again once I have completed the workbook (I bought the whole package from ATI) I take the test mid November. When are you scheduled to take the test?
  4. by   luvlilly
    I am glad you responded. The science portion got me too!!! Yikes! There were a few questions that I know for a fact that there were two answers that were correct, and that drives me NUTS!

    Did you have the question that asked you which compound was an ionic bond? I wonder how many of those are on the actual Teas?
  5. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Yeah, and I also bought the book. Hated that exam!!
  6. by   jayonline1218
    The science section is what will probably get you! Everything else I felt was a breeze. For me, the science section seemed to be a lot of physics & chemistry...yukkk! I don't know how I actually did on the exam, but I don't feel I did too well on that part. Honestly, I didn't have time to study those subjects.

    Good Luck!