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Which pre-requisite did you guys find the most challenging?... Read More

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    Quote from x_factor
    A&P just because it's a lot of memorization.
    Im taking that now and i find it difficult.

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    I took Chem in the summer and was working full time. It totally sucked.
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    So far, Microbiology has been the hardest for me. However, I start an accelerated Organic Chem class in a few weeks, so may change my mind!
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    Psychology is killer!
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    I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble but it just keeps getting harder! ...although many factors like semester course overload, and life situations altered my grades I would say microbiology = pharmacology , I regret taking those two together. pharm was twice the amt of memorization as micro, and micro was a lot harder than a+p 1 and 2. You can do it, just know how to prioritize , know your limits / go by your own pace

    What does microbiology consist of?
    My course had lecture; learning types of bacteria/microbes, cells... and a lab component; differentiating them thru a microscope in lab
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    Chemistry, if it's taken in the summer, but overall....COLLEGE ALGEBRA.
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    Quote from corndog56

    Im taking that now and i find it difficult.
    I agree!
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    MICROBIOLOGY!!! I'm in my final semester of prerequisites (I didn't want ANY left when I started the RN program) and it is the hardest HANDS DOWN!
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    What's so hard about Micro compared to A&P? (j/w)
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    I haven't taken physiology or chemistry yet but I hear the chem instructor at our school almost everyone fails and has to take it 2-3 times so I am worried about that. So far my hardest class is Algebra. I am passing biology with a 95 so far I am extremely happy with that grade. I was always good ( in high school) with chemistry and biology.

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