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Taking a&p 1 right now and I'm doing pretty good, however there is a lot of information and I sometimes feel like it is 2 or 3 classes in one. For the people who have taken both 1 and 2, which did u find more difficult/time... Read More

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    I think A & P II is harder, because so far this semester it's been a mix of memorizing anatomy (like parts of the heart) and learning how its physiology (like the process of the cardiac cycle).
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    I found A&P I to be harder. I'm not very good at straight memorization and do better with concepts. Also my professor was better in II. Got A's in both but preferred II.
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    In my opinion, they were both hard! A&PI because of the memorization and A&PII because of how much there was to learn! Good luck!
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    I thought A&P II was harder but MUCH more interesting. A&P I was mostly boring until the nervous system (that system failed a lot of people in my class). It also depends on the teacher. My A&P II teacher was actually really easy but still, I think half the class was barely hanging on to a C.
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    A&P I & II are both generally difficult classes. Taking I is the core of it, you get thrown so much info and expected to memorize a lot. A&P II is the building block onto I. Hopefully, by the time you get to II you will comprehend most of the info from A&P I.
    I took a college A&P course in grade 11. It was hard, but I passed it. It is all memorization in A&P I though, II is harder in the aspect where if you do not remember all the info from A&P I you might struggle.
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    I must say that A&P I&II seemed easier than taking Anatomy and then Physiology... It's almost cruel to teach them separately, but some schools still do!
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    I felt like A&P 1 was harder for me, A&P 2 was easier for me
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    Quote from MommaTy
    I felt like A&P 1 was harder for me, A&P 2 was easier for me
    That's what's up. I guess everybody really is different when it comes to learning. A lot of mixed answers. I will just have to see for myself this summer! I know right now I'm struggling a little bit to hold on to this A for a&p I. There is a lot to know for these damn muscles
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    I definitely thought that A&P 2 was harder.
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    I definitely thought A&P I was more difficult. As a pp stated, I just didn't know what to expect with A&P I and it was a lot of memorization. A&P II does deal more with concepts and it appealed to me more. I have A's in both so I'm not complaining.