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Great A&P resource!

  1. 4 So I found this website with a bunch of great practice material for anatomy and physiology and I wanted to share. Not sure if I can post a link but if you google "web anatomy self tests" and its the second link. I got a 96 on my first practical in my summer course thanks to this site!
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    cool, what's the site?
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    I'm sure it's perfectly fine to post the link..
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    Spill the beans!!!...the link is.....???
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    Quote from MizMaverick
    That's my FAVORITE A&P site! Showed it to my Anatomy prof last year and he still gives out the link to his students for the practice quizzes
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    Thanks for posting the link mizmaverick! I hope you guys can use it too I shared it with my lab course as well
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    The link is ok....
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    I loved the site...I used it too..

    Too bad I found it in A & P II-I received a C in A & P I lab...