Grades are great except for one prereq!

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    I'm in the process of applying for fall 2013 BSN programs (NYU, Stony Brook, Drexel, Thomas Jefferson, Binghamton) and am really confused. I did well in majority of my classes except for chemistry II.

    A+P 1: B+
    A+P 2: A
    Gen. Psych: A
    Abnormal Psych: A
    Micro: B
    Gen. Chem 1: B-
    Gen. Chem 2: C!!

    I'm going to be finishing my prereqs this semester (Sociology, developmental psych, org. chem) but am now wondering should i even apply to these schools? my overall GPA is a 3.6, the chemistry brought it down from a 3.75.

    I volunteer and a top hospital in NYC and do psychology research, I feel confident but just don't want to pursue these schools and be rejected because of one class.

    Should i still apply? do i still have a chance?
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    Yes still apply!
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    Of course you should still apply! One C is okay, I promise. I have a 3.5 cumulative and got in to the two schools I applied to.
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    You'll be fine, still apply! Many school's hold extra weight on the sciences, but all of your sciences are fine except one, so you'll be fine. Apply, and good luck to you!
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    Don't let it hold you back. Your overall GPA is still great! Go for it
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    Before opening this I thought you failed a class or something! You still have a 3.6 GPA (which is great!). Don't forget you still have 3 classes left and if you get a A in them it will boost your GPA back up. So don't be too discouraged!
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    Thanks everyone!!! These replies made my day!!!
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    Got into Drexel and they gave me a dean's scholarship! Thanks for your support and telling me to still apply! still waiting on other schools, has anyone gotten acceptances?
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    Congratulations!!!! That's wonderful news I'm still waiting on acceptance. Won't know until the last week of April. The wa-ai-ting is the hardest part!!!!
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    I know! the waiting is the worst part! I hate that some schools don't give you a decision till may. I think I'm going to give in the Drexel deposit just incase the other schools are late with the letters. Best of luck to you!