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I'm in the process of applying for fall 2013 BSN programs (NYU, Stony Brook, Drexel, Thomas Jefferson, Binghamton) and am really confused. I did well in majority of my classes except for chemistry II. A+P 1: B+ A+P 2: A Gen.... Read More

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    futurenurse912, you should definitely still apply!!!! You stated that you are currently in Organic Chemistry 1, this is much different than Gen. Chem. 2, BUT harder in terms of the quantity of information you have to memorize (my opinion). I would try to do as best you can this semester, but definitely still apply! Having extra curricular activities (volunteering & research) on top of going to school looks really good -- and make sure to state these things in your Letter of Intent . Engaging in these activities will show the Admissions Departments that you are serious about nursing and have taken an interest in expanding your nursing experience outside of school! GOOD LUCK!!!

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