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    Hi all! I'm very much interested in applying to the nursing program this October, get accepted and start the program this January. Only problem is I received a C in Anatomy and Physiology II. I took it over the summer and am so disappointed in myself. I did take Anatomy and Physiology I over the fall and received an A-, but I just don't know what happened over the summer. It was very intense. I spoke to my advisor and she said "all hope is not lost" and that I just need to really study and aim for an 80%+ on the TEAS test. I will be taking Microbiology and Pathopysiology this fall (I can apply to the nursing program while taking these 2 classes). Has anyone gone through something similar like this? Is all hope not lost? Thanks in advance for your comments and help!

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    I would not say that all hope is lost. I think that it is kind of dumb that you had taken that class in the summer though. You should just retake it within the regular semester and try try to get at least a B. How often do you study per week?
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    ^lol. How is it dumb to take that class in the summer? I'm taking it right now with two weeks left to go and have a 94% average.

    But it is true that that type of pace is not for everybody. To be honest i was already accepted to the nursing program and just needed a C or better to keep my spot so all hope is not lost OP.
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    Actually from what I have heard, every counselor and teacher has not only recommened, but advised me to take those 3 major science classes in the regular semester. Not trying to insult your intelligence, but you should have known that prior to taking that particular class. The only reason you have a 94% average is probably because you had taken that class before! Am I right!? I would also advise you to know that if you plan to apply to most community colleges, you will only get one repetition allowed!
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    Nope. This is my first time taking this class..took a&p 1 last semester during spring
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    Then why did you say you got a C in the summer! What colleges are you planning to apply to?
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    Quote from frias1028
    Then why did you say you got a C in the summer! What colleges are you planning to apply to?
    The person who originally started this thread (danny_07) is the one who earned a 'C' grade during the summer. The member with whom you're currently communicating (StayHumble11) is the one who has the 94 percent average.
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    lol Just realized that!!! hahah
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    Quote from StayHumble11
    Nope. This is my first time taking this class..took a&p 1 last semester during spring
    You did!! Wow that is really good!!! I had taken Anatomy and had gotten an A, but had to withdraw from it once because with the other classes I had, it overwhelmed me. Plus, I was also working. I did take Physiology and Microbiology and had recieved B's in both of them. I could of gotten a B in Physiology, but I got really lazy and did not study as much as I could have.
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    Lol thank you @thecommuter for the clarification. But yes thank you frias. You just have to take the classes, especially science serious. I had to retake gen chem 1 because I wasn't serious about it and blamed my poor performance on the teachers teaching skills. So i dropped the class. When I was sure i wanted to go into nursing that's when I buckled down and got real serious.

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