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Has anyone gotten rejected from a nursing program? What did you tell yourself in order to stay motivated? I've already gotten two rejection letters. At first, I took it in stride. But sometimes I... Read More

  1. by   GamerGal
    I just want to thank everyone for sharing these inspiring stories. I'm just finishing up my first attempts at applying to nursing school, and so far I'm 0 for 2. Still waiting for 1 more, but starting to feel real discouraged, especially after being rejected by my dream school (U of San Diego). I'm still crying in my cornflakes (after all, it's only been 2 days), but hopefully I'll get stronger each day and find the strength to keep going. Thanks again for sharing!
  2. by   TLeeM
    I am in my first year of applications. I am trying to focus my efforts on entry level masters programs (I earned a BS degree in 1995). Unfortunately my undergraduate GPA is not very good, but with a lot of hard work and focus, I have improved my cumulative GPA to just above a 3.0 and both my last 60 units and my prereqs (for most programs) are a 4.0. Even with all application to one school would not even be looked at because of my GPA from 19 years ago! Then another program would not consider me because my GPA was 2.98 at the time....they wanted a 3.00. Sigh. Even though I was bummed at something I could not possibly change, I had to keep looking for programs that would value my current work instead of dwelling on something I could not change. I am currently waiting on word from three programs. I just focus on what the next step is for each program. I have an interview this week for my first choice school. They look at my prereqs, most recent work and TEAS scores (which I made sure I nailed - needed it as another show of what kind of a student I am not versus 20 years ago). So what I can recommend is to do your research - find the programs that focus on what you have to offer. Do everything you can to get the best grades, highest test scores, appropriate experience (volunteer!) and letters or recommendation. Give each rejection 2 days of your time and then move forward.
  3. by   jetergirl20
    My Mom is a big inspiration to me wanting to become a nurse. She did not get accepted her first try, but she kept going. A few days ago she finished up her MSN! Don't give up! It WILL be worth it in the end!
  4. by   RunBabyRN
    I applied to 10 programs my first cycle, and was accepted to 2. Plenty of rejection! Hence my casting of a wide net! LOL My grades aren't top-notch, so I expected a certain amount of rejection. I just had to have faith that the odds were in my favor, and I found my way.
  5. by   morganw1
    Hello All,

    Just came by this thread and wanted to share my story of rejection and how I continue to keep moving forward. My first round was last year and I received all rejections ( from 4 major university master programs). I got extremely discouraged because I felt I was a good applicant and I didn't even receive an iota of hope. I stepped back and evaluated myself and saw what my pro's and con's were. I had a problematic academic record with repeats and withdrawals. So I went back to a community college after my fourth rejection and was determined to make my record there a blemish free one. I'm in my last prereq class currently and so far have maintained a 3.3 GPA. I just got rejected from U San Diego when I thought I had made decent progress and showed that I was a great applicant. Not gonna lie...rejections hurt like hell and it's a major blow to the ego. But, I just keep faith knowing that I am doing all the right things to make myself a better applicant and that the right school will come along eventually. Just keep applying until you get in. They can't accept you if you get discouraged and don't apply. With an open mind I look at the process as if I'm not the only one getting rejected ( theres 100's that do and you know it's true ). What keeps me going is my desire to pursue a nursing career, if i didn't have the passion I wouldn't be applying and wasting all this time. trust me. hang in there!!
  6. by   Julesmama28
    I applied and interviewed and didn't get in. I was so prepared to get in that I was absolutely floored. I picked myself up, dusted off and tried again! I researched interview strategies, classes I could take while waiting etc. the next semester I did it again and got in! I'm at the top of my class and know that I was meant to be here. Don't give up! Sometimes programs are overflowing with candidates and they aren't always the best judges of who gets in right away. Good luck!!!
  7. by   inthecosmos
    The school I am currently at has a Nursing program. I recently went into the office and asked about the application. The advisors told me I was a shoe in for the program. I have a 4.0 GPA, every class related to the ADN is passed with an A and I only have one more class to take before I am in only nursing courses. Thursday of last week, I received my rejection letter.

    They were not my first choice, but it was still upsetting to find out that despite my hard work, I still wasn't good enough for their program. I am holding out hope my first choice school accepts me!!
  8. by   FutureNurse40
    Jill2Shay Where are you located? I want to be there lol
  9. by   HellooNurseRN
    Thanks for creating this topic! It's uplifting to hear all of your stories. Although I only applied to one school this (summer) go 'round, I find myself on the wait-list hoping it turns into the "you're in" list.

    I felt really excited to get on the wait-list because "most" of the wait-list gets that call to come on in...a week and some days later I find myself feeling a little defeated. Especially after a 3.9 pre-req GPA and the right TEAS score.

    Then, I read a thread on here that someone said you're basically wasting your time if you don't do an accelerated program, because more than one year on a BSN when you already have a BS is ridiculous and money wasting.

    I also came across a thread where a seasoned NP mentioned that it wasn't a race, and she's grateful her path took many years and lots of hard work. And I find myself agreeing with her.

    I have a family: a young son and a new marriage. I think God will place me exactly when I should be placed. I find myself a little relieved that I didn't get into an accelerated program, because I get to see my son a little more, my hubby a little more, laugh a little more because I have a little more room for life.

    Meanwhile, I've put my application in for the Fall semester at 1 of 4 schools I'm going for next time, and I've made my appointment for my 3rd (!!!) TEAS attempt. It has definitely helped me get over not reading an acceptance letter and made me feel happy that I'm still going after this.

    Happy I'm not alone. Good luck, y'all!
  10. by   Texas02
    I definitely understand how you feel. I have gotten 3 rejection letters. Never give up. My heart is in the nursing field and I walked away from my job after 16 years. I surely will not give up. I feel very positive that I will get in this Fall. I continue to pray and know that God has a place and time for me, so I wait. I wish you all the best and continue to press forward. I was once told this....if you throw everything up against a wall, eventually something will stick!
    You just brought a tear to my eye. I was thinking of giving up if I don't get into the school I'm applying to, but the "throw everything at the wall" reference got to me. Thanks.