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I've been watching your ticker (yes, once again) and I want to send out my prayers for your acceptance! Good vibes comin' your way! :wavey: :nurse: :bowingpur :bowingpur :nurse: Woogy... Read More

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    Great avatar, Fun2Care!
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    Quote from Fun2Care
    Stdy2BaNurse, 30 days until your 1st choice letter!!!
    Yes - officially there are 27 more days; however, the lady in charge said they might mail them next week. That would be so awesome!

    BUT - did you hear my LATEST NEWS???

    There is a line in a country song that says "if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans..." Well, I'm pregnant! My oldest is 10 and youngest is 8 and I'm starting ns in August.

    As I said in an earlier post, Lord you are MY STRENGTH and I am going to need A DOUBLE PORTION

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    Quote from missnina
    Great avatar, Fun2Care!
    Thanks, too bad it looks better than I do....not to mention 10 years younger. :chuckle

    Stdy2BaNurse, OMG! Congrats! Wow, prayers are definitely sent your way!!!!