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  1. 1 Hey guys..pretty new to this site. anyways just wanted to share with you all that I am finishing up my pre-reqs and things are starting to get real. I had a good time learning about a variety of subjects from my other college courses but this upcoming spring semester I will be taking A&P 1, microbiology, and medical terminology. I say it is getting real because this semester is going to be focused pretty much on medical information if i am not mistaken. I am excited because this is the aspect that interests me the most (as it should, being a pre-nursing student), instead of the maths and humanities I had to take too. I also know that I will definitely need to keep up with the readings and assignments in order to do well because I heard that these classes require a significant amount of studying. Anybody else in a similar boat? Wish you all the best and hope this new year brings more motivation and determination than ever before!
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    Congrats and best of luck on starting your prereqs that are somewhat related to nursing. It is overwhelming but good preparation for nursing school. Happy new year!

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    I'm definitely in the same boat as you with my last year of pre-reqs being all "sciences" but I know with determination, time and effort we all will accomplish our goals. Good luck to you and everyone else. Bring it on 2013
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    I have only a&p ll and microbiology left to complete before entering nursing classes. So close and yet so far.

    Have decided to go ahead and do the year of lpn school and see how I like that first. I like what I see those nurses doing and not so much the rn's so...

    best of luck to you as you round this last corner!!
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    I was scared of doing this, lol, so I paired my sciences with the non-science pre-reqs I had to finish up. It can definitely be done, though! Most of my friends taking pre-reqs did what you're doing. Good luck to you!
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    Hey everyone! I am in the same boat and so excited and nervous I have 4 sciences and at least 1 math
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    thanks for the responses guys! glad to know there are others in the same boat. I got a&p 1 and 2, micro, and med terminology left. I'll be taking a&p 2 over the summer.wish you all the best and hope to hear how u guys are doing