General Chem Spring 2013

  1. I enjoy all A's even in Microbiology, but chemistry is not my thing. Any advice or study tips???
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  3. by   brenay
    I am taking Chem in the spring also. Go to It is a great site. I took introduction of chemistry last semester and one thing i can tell you about Chemistry is that you CANNOT wait until the night before to study for a test. Not even a week or two weeks before. After you leave the class, go home and study and go over whatever you learned in class that day. You have to always stay on top of things in Chem.
  4. by   7237dallas
    I just posted a topic about Gen. Chemistry yesterday! I'm not looking forward to it at all!! I've started watching some videos on Khan Academy just to get a head start. Good luck! I'm going to try and keep a thread going for us chemistry students to check in with each other. Maybe that'll help us out! I do have a question for you since you've taken biology. I was going to try and take Intro to Biology over the summer hybrid, which means class online and lab at school, do you think that's feasible?
  5. by   FutureRN514
    Quote from Oveita40
    I enjoy all A's even in Microbiology, but chemistry is not my thing. Any advice or study tips???
    I am horrible at Chemistry. I am pretty sure the only reason I passed was because my professor understood that for most students Chemistry is a dry subject and it is quite challenging. I honestly do not even remember how I studied for the tests. I was never trying for very high marks in that class because I did not understand what the heck was going on half the time. In general, read your notes over and over again until you understand everything. Go to your professor for any extra help and maybe find a tutor. Chemistry requires a lot of understanding. If you can make yourself understand then you should be okay.
  6. by   HammockBound
    Im registered for Chemistry and A&P 1 this semester. Ive done chap. 1 already from my book as I hated chemistry in High school but I am determined to get an A in this class!
    I am taking CHM1032 which is Chemistry for Health Majors...General, Organic and Biological Chemistry. The book doesnt look too overwhelming but I plan on studying everyday. My class is online but my lab teacher at the school comes highly recommended. I wanted to take a nutrition class as well but there are none open at my school right now.
  7. by   TaraAnn91
    I am starting Chemistry spring semester and Im soo worried about it, it scares me haha! This will be my first science class and along with Oveita40, I need some help as well! I havent checked the Khan academy but I think I will do that now!
  8. by   Bubbly26
    I am taking Chemistry also! This is my first science class in over 7 years! I really hope to get an A since I would like to get my pre-reqs for nursing out of the way and thanks for the tip about the Khan Academy. I think I will take a look at that now.
  9. by   MSRN2011
    Quote from Oveita40
    I enjoy all A's even in Microbiology, but chemistry is not my thing. Any advice or study tips???
    I took General Chemistry 1 along with Statistics this past fall and they were very difficult class combine. I suggest watching Khan Academy along with Youtube videos to supplement. Read the chapter before class is a MUST along with reading after class too. Setup study group only with people who are serious about passing the class. It makes in the class easier when you have people around with the same goals or like minded.
  10. by   meeep
    Do the practice problems in your book! I cannot stress this enough. When you think you have it down, practice some more! If you stay on top of the material and do this, you will have a much easier time on the final. Also, take advantage of your schools tutoring center. They don't always advertise the science tutoring as well as they do English/Math, but they're there!
  11. by   Shorty11
    I agree with meeep. I think about chemistry as a math class more than a pure science class. Practice problems are a must. Just like in math classes, in chemistry you will have to practice dimensional analysis, balancing equations, and all that good stuff to be able to do it on the test. Read the chapters, go over the examples, and practice problems so you can apply with understanding. Best of luck!